Partner Portal Fun at Metalogix

Partner Portal fun - Deer in headlights

Partner Portal Fun at Metalogix

By Angie Hohensee | March 01, 2017

I'm going to reference an age-old adage to start this blog and to give you a mental picture of how I felt 3 months ago… Like a deer in headlights!  

When I was told in November that we had to build and launch a brand new Partner Portal by the end of February, my eyes just about popped out of my head and rolled across the floor. “You said what?” I asked the CMO at Metalogix.

Recognizing how important our partners are to Metalogix, and to better enable them for success in the SharePoint and Office 365 collaboration world, I knew he was serious.

Metalogix is all about collaboration, so we pulled an internal team together, selected a partner who had built communities within Salesforce (Thanks Traction!) and embarked on a fast and furious adventure to build our partners a one-stop shop that makes it easier to expand their business.

Here we are, three months later, and guess what? We did it! We created a masterpiece. (Well, that is how we see it anyway).

We are super excited about our Partner Portal. Metalogix partners will get immediate access to the portal that now includes:

  •     Easy deal registrations
  •     Technical enablement and Certification
  •     Sales enablement
  •     Marketing Enablement

To all of our partners reading this, we will provide the new login instructions soon.

It wasn't easy but we got here. If you are planning on taking on a similar project, take a deep breath, find people in your company that are willing to go above and beyond for partners and then take the first step. It will be fun (sort of ;-))!

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Angie Hohensee

As Senior Director of Partner Marketing at Metalogix, Angie is committed to working with both referral and reseller partners to put strategies in place for successful go-to-market initiatives. She enjoys enabling and engaging partners to deliver on 100% of the service opportunities that surround a strategic SharePoint deployment. Angie has a Journalism Degree from the University of Nebraska. In her spare-time she loves to embarrass her 19 and 17 year-old sons and chase her cute dogs.

Written By: Angie Hohensee