Paving the Way to Office 365 and OneDrive

Paving the way for Office 365 migrations

Paving the Way to Office 365 and OneDrive

By Damon Tompkins | July 27, 2015

Microsoft might have flexed its My Way or the Highway? muscle a bit too hard during former CEO's Stave Ballmer's reign, but the house that Bill Gates built is becoming a bit more accommodating now. it's not going to pull the Sharepoint carpet out from anyone, it's just going to make it irresistible to move to Office 365 and OneDrive and, get this, money won?t be the main motivator.

Consider that current CEO Satya Nadella has spent the last 18 months evangelizing about the certain benefits that can be won by Enterprises geared toward living in a cloud-first, mobile-first world. And that he has put walk behind his talk. Not only can we use and access productivity tools like Office 365 and our content from OneDrive to work from anywhere, at any time, via any screen, but Microsoft has also made it easier to work smart by putting tools like Delve, Power BI and Cortana at our fingertips.

As Nadella has now told us time and time again, Microsoft is reimagining productivity for the future, and that goes well beyond taking yesterday's tools and lobbing them to the Cloud.

This is why moving to Office 365 is so compelling. It will make organizations smarter without anyone needing to take a course and without businesses needing to hire geniuses with MBAs and PhDs. Today's Excel users, for example, will be able to glean visual insights from big data that could rarely, if ever, be gleaned from Excel spreadsheets, if you could have even load that much data into one. And instead of needing to look for the information you most often work with or trying to figure out how it all connects, Delve will simply put it before you.

We?re working in an era where the Cloud and a new breed of productivity tools will likely change the way we live and work as much as it did when we moved from the abacus to the calculator, from sending letters via the pony express to sharing it via e-mail, and copying documents on carbon paper vs. pushing PRINT on the nearest screen.

Up until now many of the technology changes we?ve experienced in the workplace have come in small increments with release updates and such, the move to Office 365 and OneDrive offers benefits that are revolutionary.

The organizations that adopt them first will have a clear competitive advantage because they will literally be smarter.

This is why I was so excited last week when Metalogix announced Office 365 Essentials. it's something that our team built at Metavis and was afforded a bigger platform and world class support as part of Metalogix.

Sure, this is a shameless plug, but you haven?t seen anything like this before. We are literally rolling out the red carpet to the world of Office 365 and the One Drive. Migrating is the first step and we announced Content Matrix at Microsoft?s Ignite Conference in May. It speeds the migration to SharePoint Online about 3900 percent over the average speed just 18 months ago.

Office 365 Essentials makes management of the Office 365 environment painless. It handles the full lifecycle management for Office 365, from onboarding users to managing the migration, security and backup for content.

And what does this mean to you? That moving your company to the Cloud won?t be a hassle. Instead, it will be a fast and smooth ride. That the going, once you get there, will be a breeze. That management of Office 365 and OneDrive won?t be a fight for survival, but an opportunity to thrive.

The point of moving, after all, is to and recognize and realize the opportunities that this mobile, collaborative, and cloudy world has to offer. it's a world in which we?ll do more than work smarter, we'll reinvent the way we work and have the opportunity to make more meaningful contributions.

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