SharePoint 2016 & Office 365 Roadshow Report: Reading, UK

SharePoint 2016 & Office 365 Roadshow Report: Reading, UK

SharePoint 2016 & Office 365 Roadshow Report: Reading, UK

By Graeme Hutchison | May 23, 2016

Last week the UK Metalogix Team joined by the guys at Content and Code were at Microsoft’s Reading, UK campus for the third leg of the second annual Metalogix SharePoint and Office 365 Roadshow.

The auditorium was packed with professionals who were keen to learn more about Office 365, all in different stages in their very individual journey to the cloud, from early adopters who are already using Office 365 to those who are investigating their options to go either hybrid or 100% cloud.

Up first was Seb Matthews, a renowned speaker with a vast range of experience and a sprinkle of insider knowledge, who took us through the modern workplace story with a particular focus on the future of SharePoint. He discussed the pros of moving to the cloud including Azure’s amazing uptime of 99.9936% in 2015 and Microsoft’s reach in over 30 regions with enough storage for every person in China to have over 25 MB of data.

After a short break, James Fowell took us through organising environments before going hybrid and how moving to it has become much faster and easier, “When migrating from on-premises SharePoint to SharePoint Online with the old API, transfer rates were around 0.5GB per hour. With the new SharePoint Online Migration API speeds are around 30x faster.”

Joseph Byrne shocked the audience by unveiling that two-thirds of companies currently using SharePoint admit to having ‘no active security policy’ in place. This topic is certainly food for thought. Joseph showed attendees how to install governance and how to ensure that 79% of people who store confidential or personal information on SharePoint can trust their IT team to keep it locked down and secure.

James Akrigg, Head of Technology for Partners at Microsoft in the UK, joined the roster in the afternoon. James demoed some of the newest features in Office 365 including Delve and Power BI.

The day wouldn’t be complete without real life intranet buildouts and Tim Wallis from Content and Code was able to take us through several incredible projects.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the day. There is still time to register for upcoming European events in Paris, Edinburgh, Philadelphia, Zurich and Munich.

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Written By: Graeme Hutchison