SharePoint Content Database Health Check

SharePoint Content Database Health Check

SharePoint Content Database Health Check

By Paul LaPorte | November 05, 2015

Solve Hidden Performance Issues

Did you know content databases grow exponentially? When was the last time you checked the size of your content databases? Unbeknownst to the majority of SharePoint administrators, a proactive approach is necessary to ensure user continuity and performance. It doesn’t take long for a database to soar past the 200GB Microsoft recommended limit. Often the stress on storage architecture is unseen. Over time, old, unused content begins to account for a larger percentage of overall content. For example, after three years, nearly two thirds of content is old and unused. One of the first signs that storage architecture is compromised, is slow end user performance. Storage Expert helps ensure the overall health of your content databases, and keeps end users happy.

Download Storage Expert

What is Storage Expert

In response to the challenge of identifying how much databases have grown out of control. Metalogix created Storage Expert to conquer these challenges. With Storage Expert, you can immediately see the state of your content and storage architecture, as well as:

  • Discover the size of your content databases
  • Externalization: Identify and prepare to move unstructured content residing in SQL
  • Identify old, unused content that can be archived or moved to other storage tiers
  • See how large files are impacting database size

Benefits of Storage Expert

Storage Expert helps ensure your content databases are performing at an optimum level by:

  • Showing the benefits of externalizing content like in Office365
  • Calculating time and cost savings from externalization
  • Implementing a cost-effective, scalable storage architecture that is prepared for unhindered farm and content growth

Externalizing Content is the Key

The key to optimizing your storage architecture is to move unstructured BLOB content out of the SQL database to a more appropriate place. This is called externalizing content. It has been in use for many years, and is also the cornerstone of the Office365 storage architecture – the secret to Office365 scalability and performance. Metalogix is the leader in delivering a SharePoint content externalization solution, StoragePoint.

Don’t delay checking the health of your content databases. Download Storage Expert today. Immediately see the health of your storage architecture, and benefits from externalizing your content.

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