SharePoint's Not Dead

SharePoint's Not Dead

SharePoint's Not Dead

By Micheal Mullen | May 09, 2016

A few years ago, when I first started with Metalogix, there was a growing concern that SharePoint 2013 might be SharePoint’s last big rodeo. With increasing cloud functionality and massive growth in Office 365, I predicted to our CTO that SharePoint would become the infrastructure of Office 365 and lose its brand.

This week, he reminded me of that conversation. He was right, SharePoint wasn’t dead.

During its Future of SharePoint event, Microsoft showed a very much alive version of SharePoint 2016 as well as a future roadmap. One that is a mindful, clear and deliberate response to its “Cloud First, Mobile First” mantra with a gentle “On-prem First” nod to SharePoint server huggers.

The newest SharePoint was sculpted in a way that cares less about where content is stored, gives teams better tools to move to cloud when they need to and adds a series of new apps that allow users more, and yet secure, ways to collaborate with their content.

First and foremost, SharePoint 2016’s launch is a coming of age story. Rather than simply remain a powerful enterprise-grade content collaboration platform, it is finally embracing an increasingly mobile workforce that uses phones and tablets more and PCs less and less. And in that process, it is learning that creating more productivity within the workforce means removing the barriers between its products: SharePoint 2016, Office 365 and OneDrive for Business. Together, they’ll become multipliers of productivity, not barriers to it.

In short, it’s a better answer to what every SharePoint administrator faces daily. And, it’s very much alive.

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Micheal Mullen
Written By: Micheal Mullen