SharePoint for the Financial Services Industry

SharePoint permissions and auditing for financial industry

SharePoint for the Financial Services Industry

By Micheal Mullen | February 05, 2015

Managing the security of organizational content is a growing concern, particularly in the financial services sector. For many of these organizations, SharePoint functions as the 'one source of the truth' for storing and disseminating legal documentation and other sensitive customer financial data.

One such organization is Farm Credit Financial Partners, Inc. (FPI). FPI is the largest provider of technology services to the farm credit and financial services sector. FPI customers include Farm Credit System associations from Maine to California. These associations specialize in lending and providing agriculture-related services to farmers, rural homeowners, farm-related businesses, and agricultural, aquatic, and public utility cooperatives.

FPI used SharePoint 2007 and 2010 to securely distribute legal and financial information across its 5,000+ user base. Faced with stringent regulatory requirements for securing data, auditing content and enforcing user permissions, FPI needed a more robust solution that SharePoint 'out-of-the-box' tools could deliver.

'There’s really not a great way to determine or evaluate permissions using SharePoint out-of-the-box,' explained Kenneth Kerr, FPI's SharePoint Administrator. 'Our customers are audited annually by the federal government and while SharePoint is great at safeguarding customer data, it doesn't deliver the level of control or insight needed to enforce and monitor who has access to what – without getting involved in a time-consuming and manual data sifting exercise.'

FPI needed a powerful SharePoint administration tool to fix the gap and, based on its success with Metalogix tools in the past, FPI zeroed in on Metalogix ControlPoint. An industry-leading administration and governance tool, ControlPoint is purpose-built for SharePoint and lets users automatically enforce governance and administer complex SharePoint environments with ease – from a single interface.

FPI had a number of goals in mind when selecting ControlPoint:

  • The need to manage and gain visibility into permissions across two regional farms
  • To simplify and automate auditing and reporting
  • Strengthen SharePoint security and governance

What FPI achieved with ControlPoint, however, went far beyond this – one-click auditing, a centralized dashboard, time savings, and more. 'I save countless hours thanks to ControlPoint. Now I can concentrate on real development work and not SharePoint administration,' said Kerr.

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Micheal Mullen
Written By: Micheal Mullen