Smashing Walls, Changing Metalogix

Smashing Walls, Changing Metalogix

Smashing Walls, Changing Metalogix

By Micheal Mullen | July 06, 2016

Walls divide people. As a company that thrives on collaboration, we decided to literally tear down the marketing walls that divided us. Previously, the marketing team was spread out over several areas in our headquarters. Now we?re all together.

It was a symbolic step in a long list of changes that have drastically transformed Metalogix over the past year. What were once the offices that held the CEO and CFO are now transformed into an open space that leans against windows looking out on our sliver of Washington, DC.

As a former employee who returned to the company, I’m one of the few who’s able to talk about the old versus the new Metalogix. The new company still rests on the laurels of award-winning products but is more friendly, engaging, coordinated and innovative. If you had ever visited our headquarters before, it’s something you’ll feel when you walk through the door.

Metalogix is going through changes in a big way, changes that our customers and partners are already seeing. With all new C-level leadership and a better focus on how we do business, the company is changing in leaps and bounds. We?re reconfiguring the ways in which we work, how we collaborate, how we create products and how we show off all the things that we do well.

More big changes are coming. Stay tuned as we recreate a better Metalogix. For now, goodbye walls and hello windows.

I suspect that Satya's vision will find new highs as Microsoft continues to build worker productivity solutions that meet the needs of any business... even GE and Facebook.



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Micheal Mullen
Written By: Micheal Mullen