The Clouds Are Settling In -- We Are Past the Tipping Point!

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The Clouds Are Settling In -- We Are Past the Tipping Point!

By Steven Murphy | May 04, 2015

A year ago the forecast would have stated 'It's all cloudy on theadoption front'

Yet, in 2015 it is clear that organisations are now dependent and not justwhistling at the cloud, as enterprises race to migrate and host their collaborationplatforms, social media marketing and business process applications in adedicated cloud or hybrid or on-premise infrastructure.

What is driving this gold rush to the cloud? It's the business need for continuous, always-on access to content that drives over $2 trillion in workforce productivityvia Content Collaboration Platforms such as SharePoint, OneDrive for Business,Box, Dropbox and Google. Now that the cloud is settling into the IT enterprise,we forecast the top four priorities for cloud Service Operation management thatorganisations will need to weather the change in this new environment.


  1. SPEED: Accelerating migration speed and non-disruptive collaborationmovement and reorganisation of the content to the cloud.
  2. ACCESS: Easy to implement permission and compliance administration –which groups and individuals should have access to share or edit what contentand how to ensure against data loss protection (DLP) which is required to avoidinternal inadvertent and malicious insider threats - especially prone in the cloud.
  3. PROTECT SENSITIVE CONTENT: Detecting, classifying and locking downsensitive content that contains personally identifiable information (PII) to meetGDDR, ISO27001, ISO27018 and HIPPA regulations.
  4. OPERATIONS: Managing your cloud assets like an IT business application –provisioning, licensee utilisation, backup and archiving just like we didsuccessfully back in the mainframe days.

As the Cloud era rolls in, speed, security and operating these services asan operational imperative, will become a priority on the managementheat index to support work forces productivity gains for the businessand satisfy users service levels.

As such, we will see an evolution in service operations managementmethodologies like we saw in the last great IT transformation, frommainframe to PC, as IT professionals look to software providers toautomate the top four service operation priorities. By targeting andautomating these priorities, businesses will harness the most in workforce productivity without compromising content security or slowingdown operations during this blustery transformation to the cloud.

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Written By: Steven Murphy