What’s New in SharePoint?

What's New In Sharepoint

What’s New in SharePoint?

By Alistair Pugin | May 18, 2017

We’ve just finished watching Jeff Teper and co. take us through a phenomenal tour of the new features coming to Office 365—specifically SharePoint. Last year, Jeff Teper, Corporate Vice President of Office, OneDrive, & SharePoint, walked the Microsoft world through the new SharePoint experience and reignited the excitement behind SharePoint.

This year (which now seems to be a general trend for the Office business group), they did it again at the SharePoint Virtual Summit event, streamed live across the web and Twitterraties to an unprecedented number of people.

The reveal over what’s new in SharePoint sparked excited all over the country. According to tyGraph stats, Twitter was ablaze with activity, with #SPSummit going head-to-head with #AlienCovenant in the US.

tyGraph stats

The main topics covered in the Keynote were:

  • Share with confidence.
  • Transform business processes.
  • Inform and engage employees.
  • Harness collective intelligence.

Jeff Teper also listed some very impressive stats on the current state of SharePoint:

  • 250k organizations
  • 85% Fortune 500
  • 60% of seats for SharePoint are online
  • 90% increase in active users
  • 300% growth in data stored

Let’s recap some highlights of the new features and capabilities:

Sharing with confidence

  • See and sync all of your files with OneDrive Files On-Demand.
  • Share seamlessly from File Explorer and Finder.
  • Store content on your actual device.
  • Manage permissions from File Explorer.
  • Check policies on files.
  • Connect existing sites to Office 365 groups.
  • Add group resources to navigation and pages.
  • Add SharePoint Pages to Microsoft teams.

Transform business processes

  • Communication sites.
  • Easily build pages with new layout options.
  • New web parts drive engagement and interactivity.

Harness collective knowledge

  • Personalized search allows you to find content faster.
  • Sort through expertise by filtering skills.
  • New Event web part.
  • New People web part.
  • Communication site with Yammer integration.
  • New page layouts.
  • New page templates.
  • Seamless formatting directly from Office apps to pages in SharePoint.
  • Embed documents into pages through Office Online.
  • Fluent mobile integration.


  • SharePoint admin experience.
  • Service level encryption using customer keys.
  • Conditional access policies for sites.


  • SharePoint Framework extensions for sites and libraries.
  • Graph and Webhooks across sites and lists.
  • SharePoint Framework for SharePoint 2016 on premise with Feature Pack 2.

SharePoint is Quickly Becoming a Tour de Force

At Metalogix, we’re really excited to begin working with all of the newest features on SharePoint. Whether you’re looking to enhance your workflow with new web parts or share content seamlessly across a number of different devices and users, the latest update lets you do it all.

Even if it takes Microsoft a few months to roll out the update completely, consultants, systems integrators, and consumers can look forward to supplementing their work environment with new enablement enhancements on SharePoint.

For more information on what’s new in SharePoint, head to the Metalogix blog, follow the conversation at the Tech Community, and check out the latest videos on the Microsoft Mechanics YouTube channel.

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Written By: Alistair Pugin