Why You Need an Office 365 Backup Tool

Why You Need an Office 365 Backup Tool

Why You Need an Office 365 Backup Tool

By Paul LaPorte | November 11, 2016

One of the benefits of moving your organization’s collaboration content to Office 365 is its natural ability to store and create backups of that content. While SharePoint or other collaboration platform administrators were once tasked with creating workflows to store all that content on-premises or even in the cloud, Office 365 just does it. Yet, even Office 365 has its limits. While it will store backups, it only makes a backup every 12 hours and it only stores backups for 14 days. After 14 days, backups are discarded. Imagine discovering this when trying to recover Office 365 data, especially since today’s regulated industries often require organizations to store specific documents such as financial information or sensitive information for years. By not having an  Office 365 backup solution in place, organizations open themselves to additional oversight, audits, compliance rules and legal eDiscoveries.

Failing to account for the differences between traditional on-premises backup and Office 365 can become costly, whether during a disaster recovery or a legal proceeding. Having a backup tool for Office 365 already in place can help organizations avoid such costs.

There are many reasons organizations should consider a comprehensive backup solution. These include:


There’s an expectation when moving to Office 365 that many — if not all — users will be engaged and active. That requires having constant access to business-critical documents and keeping employees working no matter what. This also includes creating OneDrive backups for end users (or, at the least, creating OneDrive backups for select end users).

Peace of Mind

Moving data to the cloud inherently means giving up some of the control that organizations are used to, especially when it comes to content. Backups return some of that control and give the content owners peace of mind knowing their content is safe (plus, having a local Office 365 backup makes good business sense). For organizations that have already fully migrated to the cloud, having a SharePoint Online backup tool can help circumvent real-world or connectivity disasters that would require recovering items stored in Office 365.

Business Concerns

Most organizations have multiple safety nets if things go wrong, and having an Office 365 recovery tool can be essential for mitigating risk. Failover environments alone are not enough, and most organizations can’t be interrupted for any amount of time, so backups are brought in to ensure that business keeps moving.


Many organizations need to comply with regulations that require them to keep data for a great deal longer than Microsoft’s backup for Office 365 or SharePoint Online recovery options. These regulations often require organizations to be able to search through the data and provide it for audit purposes at any given time. That means that there needs to be special provisions made: a backup that can be available if needed or required. This is where having a SharePoint Online backup solution impact of such compliance requirements.

Creating an Office 365 Backup

There are many associated drivers for creating a backup for Office 365 or backup for SharePoint Online. On one hand, organizations seek to protect against financial loss, whether from outages, lost or damaged content, or an inability to respond to legal requests or compliance requirements. Backups also help protect an organization’s brand and market share, as business interruptions and lost information - such as orders or customer support information - can be very damaging. Getting back to business fast, with minimal impact, is critical.

Employees aren’t usually focused on the financial losses from an outage. Most don’t follow or understand the brand impact. For employees, being able to continue working is what they care about, not spending nights and weekends recreating what they’ve already invested time doing.

For IT professionals, you’re concerned with: Business impact; risk mitigation; compliance; proper IT procedures and best practices; and keeping users productive.

Moving to Office 365 means that backup is primarily done outside your organization. That means you need to think differently about your new backup needs:

  • How cloud backup truly impacts you and your organization.
  • Why backup still matters.
  • Solving the unintended gaps in compliance, user document access and productivity.

So, charge forth into Office 365, but recognize it is a brave new world, full of new rules and operating procedures. Being aware and prepared will protect you and your organization as you dive into this new world.

If you’re interested in how to backup Office 365 or how to backup SharePoint Online more extensively, Metalogix can help. Essentials for Office 365 is a complete tool for managing Office 365 and SharePoint Online. It not only handles the backup functions outlined above, but also allows you to:

  • Take Control of OneDrive for Business
  • Provision Users and Manage Office 365 Licenses
  • Manage Security and Control Permissions
  • Migrate and Deploy Office 365

Try Essentials for Office 365 free for 14 days and see how Metalogix can help make it easier to manage Office 365 and SharePoint Online.

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