Will Companies Embrace Facebook at Work.

Will Companies Embrace Facebook at Work.

Will Companies Embrace Facebook at Work.

By Micheal Mullen | January 19, 2015

When Facebook at Work was first announced, content collaboration tool makers took notice. The global social media powerhouse has 1.23 billion users and a platform that allows users to create bits of content and manage how that content is shared with their connections. Like the rest of the content collaboration world, even we asked Is Facebook Getting Into the Content Collaboration Business? Facebook at Work had the potential to bring new competition and innovation to the marketplace.

Last week, we were finally given a clearer view on what Facebook at Work will be and the predictions (including ours) were far grander than what Facebook actually planned. Unlike content collaboration systems like SharePoint, SharePoint Online or Office 365, Facebook at Work will be limited to creating better social communication with fellow co-workers through their devices (launched on iOS and Android this week).

Facebook at Work has already been tested at Facebook and the company is working with several businesses to better understand how workers might share their work information differently. It’s clearly a direct competitor to Microsoft’s Yammer but it will be interesting to see if businesses decide to open their teams to Facebook given privacy and other concerns.

One good thing is that Facebook at Work won’t have access to your personal Facebook account, clearly a smart move given privacy concerns. So your personal Friday night out pics won’t appear in your Facebook at Work profile.

Still, Facebook at Work lacks chat and the ability to create, manage and collaborate content. Those features are crucial to businesses today and while Facebook at Work might work as a tool to update workers, its current list of limited abilities will likely limit its potential for corporate adoption.

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Micheal Mullen
Written By: Micheal Mullen