Will Content Matrix Migrate to SharePoint 2016 in a single hop.

Migrating Content Matrix to SharePoint 2016

Will Content Matrix Migrate to SharePoint 2016 in a single hop.

By Steve Marsh | May 14, 2015

So here we are at the end of Ignite and one thing was clear -- SharePoint 2016 was everywhere. Already at Metalogix we are being asked about migrating to the new version therefore I thought a short post would be in order. Although it's very early, I can confidently say that Metalogix Content Matrix will support migrations directly to SharePoint 2016 from previous versions of SharePoint without the need to do an intermediate jump e.g. 2010 straight to 2016.

Microsoft confirmed this week that it's out of the box upgrade, Content Database Attach, will only support an N-1 upgrade i.e. 2013 to 2016 despite some early rumours that it would support an N-2 upgrade.

That was easy. Announcement done. I could just leave it there but there but I should explain why I can be so confident as well as giving a few more pointers to consider as you start to think about your move to 2016.

First it's what we have always done at Metalogix. We will have been powering migrations to SharePoint for 15 years by the time SharePoint 2016 launches. Ever since SharePoint 2007 launched we have supported both N-1 and at least N-2 migrations. That means we will have had a decade of experience of N-2 migrations, which is why we are very confident that we?ll do it this time too.

There are other considerations for migrating to a new version of SharePoint, regardless of the version that you are currently using, which also impacts your choice of migration method. Even if Microsoft had managed its goal of supporting N-2 upgrades there are some other limitations with the DB Attach that often make it unsuitable for a large number of organizations. Rather than reel off a list of features I thought an analogy may help.

Imagine moving a house. Most of the time we move to a house that is more suited to our current or planned future life. The new house is going to be a different size and the rooms a different shape. We therefore can?t just lift everything from our existing house and place it straight into our new home. We clean-up the things we no longer need, we reorganize our belongings to make better use of the new house?s features.

The same should be true for SharePoint. We should use a migration as an opportunity to clean, organize and reorder. The new SharePoint deployment should encourage improved user adoption and increase business value as well. it's extremely rare that an existing SharePoint is perfect in every way as the organization that it serves will have changed since the initial deployment.

And that?s why migration tools like Content Matrix work as a powerful way to migrate to a new version of SharePoint. Simple migration tools and the out of the box upgrade allow us to move our sites and content but often lack the ability to support business improvement through both migrating and simultaneously supporting the transformation of SharePoint into a powerful business productivity and collaboration platform.

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Dr. Steve Marsh
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