Is Your SharePoint Migration Putting Your Sensitive Content at Risk?

Secure Migration

Is Your SharePoint Migration Putting Your Sensitive Content at Risk?

By Jai Dargan | April 03, 2017

When you decide to migrate to a new version of SharePoint or Office 365, expectations are high. Visions of improved productivity, reduced downtime, and ease of use are top of mind for IT and corporate leadership.

But, if you aren’t also thinking about security implications, your migration may place your sensitive data at risk for accidental exposure, compliance issues or even a data breach. When migrating to newer and different collaboration systems, corporate data, like personally identifiable information (PII) and intellectual property (IP) is always at an increased risk for theft and loss. As a result, a new type of migration approach is necessary to limit risk: secure migration.

Secure migration ensures that content ends up in the correct places, with the correct access and permissions. A secure migration approach protects your sensitive content and builds a solid foundation for ongoing data management.

The Step-by-Step Approach to a Secure Migration

The best time to incorporate security into a SharePoint or Office 365 migration plan is at the start. This is the window when stakeholders are most engaged in the process and you have an opportunity to start fresh.

The presentation below will guide you through key considerations for each phase of the process to make sure you are set up for long term success.

  • Governance policies, responsibilities and processes
  • Setting data classification rules
  • Choosing the right environment – on-premises, cloud or hybrid
  • Approaches to migration
  • Ongoing secure management of sensitive content

Learn More

Jai Dargan, Senior Director of Product Management, and Adam Levithan, Director of Product Management and Microsoft MVP, recently presented the Metalogix methodology for Secure Migration.

Watch the recorded webinar: Secure Migration Series Part II: Step-by-Step Secure Migration

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Jai Dargan
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