The Kingdom of Bahrain

The Ministry of Youth & Sports Affairs (MYS) is a governmental body in the Kingdom of Bahrain responsible for the supervision of national sports clubs, as well as youth centers’ activities. MYS supervises 35 Youth Centers, nine Sport Facilities and 52 Clubs in addition to two flagship centers; Youth Innovation Center and the Salman Cultural Center.

  • Hosts 2.5 Terabytes of data on two file servers, serving 300 end users at five office locations
  • Needs a solution that is within budget, and reduces stress on the existing file servers without purchasing more costly hardware
  • Guaranteed zero percent downtime for end users and strong security measures
  • Solutions deployed: Archive Manager Files Edition
Bahrain’s Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs (MYS) Saves $20,000 Cost of Buying Additional Hardware by Archiving Content with Metalogix

The Ministry of Youth Sports Affairs was managing two file servers containing 2.5 terabytes of data before 2014. With 300 users accessing and creating business critical content on these servers every day, the need to purchase an additional, costly server to support the organization’s storage needs was looming. Additionally, the MYS offices were distributed across five locations, adding the additional requirement of maintaining seamless connectivity for users regardless of their location.

“It was critical for us to be able to provide zero percent downtime to our users, but at the same time to implement strong security measures,” Chief of the Information Technology Department Nani Butti explained.

The Ministry turned to their technology partner, IPP Technologies WLL, to look into the most cost effective, feature rich and user friendly solution for their growing content dilemma.

Nani Butti
Chief of the Information Technology Department

As a result of implementing Metalogix’s solution, the whole Ministry including the IT Department and Finance have seen improvements because they are able to stay within the budget we have allocated to maintaining our file servers.

I will definitely recommend Archive Manager Files Edition to other Ministries.

It is great that we can manage years of files without worrying about losing them, and guarantee a fast and easy user experience to our 300 employees. And at the same time we are saving space on our servers and staying within budget.


Metalogix Archive Manager Files Edition was the winning solution for MYS. IPP Technologies recommended Archive Manager for its competitive pricing, robust functionality and long list of user friendly features. The solution was implemented by IPP Technologies in 2014.

As the leading file archive software for the mid-market, Archive Manager Files Edition delivers an enterprise class solution without the complexity. It connects to overworked file servers and re-directs documents onto separate, more cost-effective storage tiers. The file archiving solution is easily configured to control how long messages are archived in accordance with industry, government and internal regulations.

”Instead of buying a new additional server which can cost up to BHD 8,000 (USD 20,000), we opted for Metalogix Archive Manager Files Edition. We can put older documents outside of our database, but Archive Manager still allows our users to access and edit them as easily as if they were still on our servers,” Nani Butti explained.


Metalogix Archive Manager Files Edition has delivered a number of benefits to the Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs:

  • Time/cost savings - “As a result of implementing Metalogix’s solution, the whole Ministry including the IT Department and Finance have seen improvements because they are able to stay within the budget we have allocated to maintaining our file servers.”
  • End user accessibility – Authorized users can administer their own file system by manually archiving and restoring documents. Ordinary users are not affected by the file archiving process; they remain completely unaware of the installation due to the seamlessly integrated user interface. Users’ daily file processes are unaffected.
  • Storage management features – MYS can also manage multiple domains of its File Servers from all five offices, plus any other location around the world. System Administrator Raed Hindia can quickly create file archiving jobs from remote servers. Network flexibility and offsite systems improve the adaptability of file archiving infrastructures. Archived files are easily accessible via the web portal from worldwide locations.
  • Customization options – Senior System Analyst Hana Alsada can set retention times on documents for complete control with regards to compliance and governance laws. After designating a file with a deletion time, the administrators can assign a “keep-alive period” that issues a warning when the retention time is reached and the file is about to be deleted from the archive.
  • Commitment to Customer support – This solution was implemented and is supported by Metalogix’s regional partner IPP Technologies Bahrain which provided its first level Account Management and Support to the Ministry. IPP Technologies is a partner to the Ministry, committed to supporting their long term success.