Midland, Michigan

Chemical Bank is a Michigan finances services institution with more than 150 branches and assets of over $6 billion. It is the second largest bank of its type in the state. To ensure that banking decisions are made by local leaders, Chemical divides its operations into 17 separate community banks, each run by a separate community board.

  • 300GB content in database (Microsoft recommends not exceeding 200GB)
  • Full-farm backups taking up to 5 hours
  • Continuous addition of content to databases
Chemical Bank reduces SharePoint content to manageable amount over a weekend

The bank’s ever-growing content database was starting to lag in performance. A full-farm backup would often take as much as 5 hours. That was because the content database had reached 300GB. With such a long backup, the bank could not meet its desired recovery point objectives. Microsoft recommends that SharePoint content databases not exceed 200GB, and Chemical wanted to ensure it was following recommended best practices.

In sum, Chemical was looking for a solution that would:

  • solve SharePoint storage problems that were causing backup lags and other performance issues
  • help manage the bank’s SharePoint content database by reducing its size to levels recommended by Microsoft
  • remedy the problem without disrupting normal business operations or compromising security
  • require a minimal amount of IT man hours
  • provide customer support if necessary as the solution was implemented
Adam Larkin
System Administrator, Chemical Bank

The great thing about StoragePoint is it’s seamless to the endusers. They are unaware that their files are being migrated to an endpoint and there is no lag in pulling up documents.


Chemical acquired Metalogix StoragePoint to address its storage challenges. After installing it, the bank’s IT department ran StoragePoint over a single weekend and brought the content down from 300GB to 25GB.

The result: Improve front-end performance and quicker backups. Chemical can now do a full farm backup in 50 minutes, compared to up to 5 hours before implementing StoragePoint.

In addition, StoragePoint gives the bank’s IT department a measure of control over restorations far beyond what it previously had. “StoragePoint now allows us to do granular restore right from the console we are already familiar with,” says System Administrator Adam Larkin. “This was a huge cost saving because it allowed us to eliminate another third-party backup product.”


Chemical’s SharePoint system operates more smoothly and efficiently. There’s been no disruption of service. “The great thing about StoragePoint is it’s seamless to the end-users,” Larkin says. “They have no clue that their files are being migrated to an endpoint. There is no lag in pulling up documents.”

The bank’s IT department also breathes easier knowing that its SharePoint database is now well under the maximum level that Microsoft recommends. They know as well from past experience that Metalogix will be there when they need help.

“A few years ago, we were planning to migrate from SharePoint 2007 to 2010,” Larkin says. “I had mentioned to a Metalogix support engineer the day before that we planned the migration over the weekend. He gave me his personal cellphone number in case we ran into issue. Sure enough, we had a small problem in the middle of the migration. I called him at 10 on a Saturday night, and he worked through all our issues to help make our migration as smooth as possible.”