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Flexible Data Migration on to a New SharePoint-Environment Despite Numerous Individual Solutions

The HPE Banking Service Center in Bern (Switzerland) faced the challenge of migrating the existing on-premises environment, based on SharePoint 2007 on to the new SharePoint 2013 environment. For one, this was necessary due to the outdated server hardware. Secondly, the network architecture which was specially aligned on the security of the Service Banking Centers was meant to be optimized, which is why SharePoint had to be displaced into a different network zone.

The existing SharePoint environment had additional been adapted to the demands of the internal and external users throughout the years and included around 40 specially developed, partially complex, individual SharePoint solutions already. The particular issue added to this, was that some of the developers of the solution no longer worked in the company and thus no clarifying questions could be posed.

Andreas Kluser
Business Consultant HPE

The solutions by Metalogix gave a very sophisticated and strongly performing impression, which also managed to hold true in the actual application


In a very time-limited evaluation phase, HPE tested solutions from different providers which could possibly come into question regarding an as optimal as possible and, considering the background of numerous individual solutions, also “tolerant” migration of the environment. Within that, it was particularly important to HPE that not merely a successful data migration but also the fulfilment and control of the internal and external security guidelines would be provided for.

In comparison with the competition, it became clear quite quickly, that the Metalogix solutions demonstrated the highest degree of flexibility to migrate the extensive data base of HPE in its entirety despite the different existing solutions. In addition to the comparatively effortless installation of the solution, the HPE team also managed to use the user interface quite easily from the start. “The solutions by Metalogix gave a very sophisticated and strongly performing impression, which also managed to hold true in the actual application”, says Andreas Kluser, Business Consultant at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Switzerland and responsible for the execution of the data migration in the course of the project.

The collaboration with Metalogix and thereby acquired license also included a support agreement, which guaranteed an all-round service to the HPE on the part of the Metalogix experts. HPE also seemed quite satisfied with the support in the course of the project: “While searching for the fitting solution, we received an extremely quick reaction from Metalogix.” says Andreas Kluser.

“In the ongoing collaboration, we could also rely on the support by Metalogix, in the case of more complex questions we could demonstrate these via screen-sharing and extensively discussed with the Metalogix experts. In each case we received a fitting suggested solution within the shortest amount of time.”

"At first, we were a bit clueless as to how we could tackle such a data migration with the existing restrictions at all. With Metalogix, we found the optimal partner for that"

Manuel Fischer, Technical Project Manager HPE


In the end, within the SharePoint migration project the Metalogix Content Matrix was applied for the data migration and re-organization as well as Metalogix ControlPoint for the maintenance and control of the security guidelines. With the help of the Metalogix Content Matrix, HPE managed to migrate their entire content of the existing SharePoint 2007 environment directly on to SharePoint 2013. In addition, the application of the solution al-lowed the company a step by step migration, so that HPE could used both SharePoint versions in paral-lel and migrate the content of the single webapplications in phases across a longer period of time bit by bit. For the users, there were only minimal system disruptions and interference into their daily routine. Thanks to Metalogix Content Matrix, HPE could also adapt and modify the data structures where necessary to the organiza-tion structure which had changed in the meantime.

Metalogix ControlPoint was utilized to check the access authori-zation during the test phase. This allowed HPE to, on the one hand, keep the number of customer-specific test users low, as one could confirm through the reports that the access rights were correct. On the other hand, the internal security thus had the option at any time to query delete processes and permissions, even after the project. “It was revealed to us again, that a SharePoint mi-gration is a very complex task, whose effort is often underestimated”, summarizes Andreas Kluser. “Metalogix was a huge help to us throughout the data migration and reorganization of our complex content databases.”


It was of central significance to HPE, to be able to migrate the content with the corresponding metadata and the complex authorization structure, independent of the existing individual solutions. In doing so, the SharePoint data structure was simplified, because HPE was able to, among other things, reduce the numerous content types that existed down to a few, henceforth necessary ones. In addition, the adapted site templates were categorized in line with the templates that are standard-available. The manageable overview and detailed logging assisted HPE in maintaining the necessary overview and control of the large amount of migration orders throughout. Thanks to the exact description of error messages, the causes of problems could quickly be localized and efficiently solved.