Helsingborg, Sweden

Nederman is a global leader in industrial air filtration and resource management. The company’s products and solutions contribute to reducing environmental impact from industrial production processes, creating safe and clean working environments and boosting production efficiency.

Headquartered in Helsingborg, Sweden, the company boasts a global presence spanning 30 countries on five continents with 1,500 active directory users who depend on SharePoint for collaboration, archiving and storage.

  • Depends on SharePoint as a large CAD Drawings archive and as a business-critical collaboration tool for over 1,500 active directory users
  • Needed a solution that would integrate with Share - Point’s central admin controls and run automatically
  • Needed to externalize intranet, extranet content databases and Solid Edge CAD Drawings
  • Experienced faster loading time of larger files Expected 25% growth in SharePoint content in the next 10 months
  • Solutions deployed: StoragePoint
Global Environmental Engineering Solutions Firm Uses StoragePoint to Better Manage Large CAD Drawings, Decrease SQL Server Storage by 65 percent and Shorten Backup Times

Nederman wanted to utilize SharePoint as an archive for large Solid Edge CAD Drawings. These CAD Drawings consisted mostly of Nederman technology blueprints, and the individual parts for each product. The company wanted to find a third party tool that could automatically install the drawings into SharePoint and have the functionality to manage these files.

“We used these drawings in production, so it was very important to have them readily available and kept updated and versioned,” said Soren Bromand, IT Project Manager at Nederman. “This plan would of course mean a lot of drawings in SharePoint and consequently a huge increase in SQL server database size. We could see that the huge increase in SQL server database would create scalability and backup challenges.”

Realizing the benefits that StoragePoint could provide through externalization of CAD Drawings, Nederman saw use for externalizing BLOBs from its intranet/ extranet SharePoint Content Databases. Both the Nederman intranet and extranet sites are critical collaboration tools serving product information, datasheets and white papers with internal employees and external (trading) partners.

Soren Bromand
IT Project Manager, Nederman

We implemented Storage Point to save on database storage. Furthermore, it ’s been incredibly bene ficial that our users are experiencing faster loading times for even the larger files.

It was also a plus that we could take fewer database backups and use file backup for most of the data.


Nederman chose M etalogix StoragePoint to manage the increase in data caused by impor ting Solid Edge CAD drawings into SharePoint. StoragePoint was also used to externalize intranet and extranet content, freeing up over 65 percent of space on the SQL server.

“We looked into several solutions, but we went with StoragePoint because we liked that ev erything could be managed through SharePoint. StoragePoint wasn’t a totally separate solution outside of SharePoint. It’s integrated, built into central admin and with the fine point functionality we were able to define which fil es should be externalized based on file type and size.”

StoragePoint is a Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) solution for SharePoint that allows for externalization of unstructured data (files or BLOBs) from SharePoint. StoragePoint provides real-time, transparent externalization of BLOBs to optimized storage repositories wh ile not impacting any native SharePoint functionality.


“StoragePoint works well and delivers good value for the price,” said Bromand. “It simply runs in the background and does what it is supposed to do. Any time we do have a problem the support team is fast to respond and get the issue fixed.”

Using StoragePoint, Nederman has externalized two-thirds of its intranet, extranet and drawings content. With the core challenges in performance and backup addressed, Bromand is confident in leveraging SharePoint for storing CAD drawings now and as their archives grow. He expects Nederman’s SharePoint environment and externalized content to grow 25% by the end of 2015.

“We implemented StoragePoint to save on database storage. Furthermore, it’s been incredibly beneficial that our users are experiencing faster loading times for even the larger files. It was also a plus that we could take fewer database backups and use file backup for most of the data.”