Indianapolis, Indiana

Situated in downtown Indianapolis, Eskenazi Health and its main campus, the Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital, is one of America’s largest safety net public health systems providing care to nearly one million outpatient visitors each year. Care is provided by physicians of the Indiana University School of Medicine and includes primary and specialty services, including a Level I trauma center and regional burn center, within a 315-bed hospital, 11 community health centers located throughout Indianapolis and the state’s largest mental community health center.

  • Eskenazi Health migrated its 5,000 user base from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange 2013 but was challenged by the lack of document retention and arcahiving features.
  • Selected Metalogix to automatically and transparently centralize, control and retain email, while achieving compliance and reducing security and data loss risks.
  • Eliminated the need for hospital staff to monitor space limitations on a daily basis and manually archive email.
  • Solution deployed: Archive Manager Exchange Edition
Large Public Hospital System Dedicates More Doctor, Clinician Time to Patient Care with Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition

As a teaching hospital system with over 5,000 staff and a steady rotation of clinicians, Eskenazi Health is dependent on email as a business-critical tool. Having relied on Lotus Notes for many years, dissatisfaction with the platform led the hospital to consult with Brightworks Group, a project management firm and Metalogix partner, to evaluate and move forward with Microsoft Exchange as an alternative.

However even after the migration it was clear the hospital still required complicated measures to hit email retention and archiving requirements. As Doug Miller, Owner and CEO of Brightworks explained:

“Under the old system with Notes the Hospital had no way of discovering email. IT had to literally go into individual email accounts and extract all mail from a certain period of time and then provide a mail database to the legal department to manually sift through.”

Then with Exchange, restricted space limits prevented staff from retaining large amounts of mail within their email account. For example, a doctor’s account could be maxed out after two weeks of correspondence.

As a result, doctors, nurses and clinicians were responsible for their own email records management, taking the time daily to sift through Exchange, manually storing necessary emails. Though this process could require hours a week, it was the only way to adhere to federal and state email retention requirements, such as HIPAA. It was also necessary to maintain these records in case of lawsuits brought against the hospital.

Such an operationally challenging and litigious industry necessitated a more efficient, self-sufficient email archiving solution to truly optimize the migration to Exchange.

Doug Miller
Owner and CEO, Brightwork

Many of the tools we looked at just way too expensive or weren’t appliance-based and would have involved complex deployment by an already stretched IT team.

It’s virtually a set-it-up and let it go solution. It’s very easy to implement, manage and is extremely reliable...All the problems we heard about in the past, we never hear about them.

It’s effectively invisible, it just works. Users don’t have to think about it.


Having reviewed the landscape of available email archiving solutions, Brightworks presented a few alternatives to Eskenazi Health “ ...but the one that stood head and shoulders above everyone else in terms of functionality, ease-of-install, and value was Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition,” said Brightwork’s Doug Miller.

An award-winning toolset, Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition is one of the most trusted email archiving solutions available today. It optimizes Exchange performance, reduces backup times, and maintains absolute compliance.

“Many of the tools we looked at just way too expensive or weren’t appliance- based and would have involved complex deployment by an already stretched IT team of 19.”

A great fit for Eskenazi Health, Archive Manager Exchange Edition supports limitless email retention and disposition at zero risks – and can be deployed on-premises, to Office 365 or in the cloud. It collects, uploads and archives data from PST files to secure and make them easily available to users, even if they are working remotely. Because the solution offers a familiar Outlook or Outlook Web Access experience, it is transparent to users and doesn’t impact productivity.

Following a seamless install process, Eskenazi Health moved forward with the deployment with ease. “Our engineering staff didn’t get involved at all, there have been no problems, we just never hear about it anymore, because it just works!” said Miller.


Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition has delivered a number of benefits to Eskenazi Health:

  • Ease-of-Use – Of significant value to the hospital’s IT department is Archive Manager’s effortless performance. “It’s virtually a set-it-up and let it go solution. It’s very easy to implement, manage and is extremely reliable,” said Miller. “All the problems we heard about in the past, we never hear about them.”
  • eDiscovery and Compliance Made Simple – Eskenazi Health can confidently ensure compliance with HIPAA and other federal and state laws and achieve their email discovery goals without involving IT.
  • Time Savings – Clinical practitioners no longer have to take valuable time out of their day for manual document retention tasks. Archive Manager’s automated information management system controls the retention policy of each archived email so employees don’t have to.
  • Reduced Risk – Because emails are no longer stored on local archives on workstations and laptops, Archive Manager reduces the risk of data loss and potential criminal access to health records and PII.
  • Automated Email Archiving – Archive Manager’s powerful, easy-to- use features automatically archive, manage and secure all email and age-out the archive when designated by the administrator.
  • Optimized Email Web Access and Archiving – In the Lotus Notes environment, not only were users restricted to a 50 MB limit, web archiving capabilities were non-existent. “Now with the combination of Exchange, Outlook Web Access (OWA) and Metalogix, users don’t have those limits anymore. They no longer have to manage their mail, they have access to a more feature-full web client, and their archives are available and handled automatically through OWA,” said Miller.
  • Uninterrupted User Experience – With Archive Manager, end users don’t see a difference in their Outlook or Outlook Web Access experience. “It’s effectively invisible, it just works. Users don’t have to think about it.” Archived email is also easily and quickly accessible. Users can search through archived emails and restore them in one-click.