Lexington, MA

Quantech Services Inc. provides high quality consulting products and services in the areas of Program Management, Engineering Services, Cost and Financial Management to the Department of Defense (DoD) and other government clients. Since 1999, Quantech has grown to an organization employing more than 350 employees with office locations throughout the United States.

  • Deploying site collections using rich templates
  • Managing configuration changes
  • Upgrading site collections to SharePoint Server 2010
  • Migrating documents and items from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010
  • Migrating file shares to a SharePoint 2010 portal architecture supporting employees in six offices, nationwide
  • *Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint – File Share Edition
  • *Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint

*Migration Manager and Content Manager have evolved into Metalogix Content Matrix

Metalogix Migration Tools Simplify SharePoint Migration and Ongoing Organization Needs

For Quantech, SharePoint is a business-critical application for nationwide collaboration, especially for business matters that are time sensitive. However, the company began facing challenges with its SharePoint implementation.

“We needed a way to rapidly develop and deploy rich site collection templates as well as push out configuration changes,” said Nicholas Bisciotti, Sr. SharePoint Architect, Quantech Services. “We are constantly improving the portal architecture and we weren’t able to keep up with the changes fast enough. We migrated content manually and used scripts to provision new site collections. These processes became a bottleneck in our project because the tasks were time consuming and they weren’t something I could easily teach someone else to do. When it came time to build out a whole new architecture and portal design using SharePoint2010 and migrate SharePoint 2007 content, Metalogix provided the capabilities I needed to rapidly create and configure site collections, clone permissions, configure lists, libraries, views, and deploy master pages and branding assets. I used Metalogix to migrate content from the legacy 2007 portal to the 2010 portal which had a completely new design with different information structures.”

When evaluating migration products, Quantech wanted a solution that could enable the SharePoint team to rapidly deploy a SharePoint 2010 portal, site collections, child sites, content types, site columns, permission levels, master page galleries, document library configurations, as well as list and library views. By automating the deployment of these configurations, Quantech could quickly deliver the planned solutions and then be able to focus on new demands.

Nicholas Bisciott
Sr. SharePoint Architect, Quantech Services

Only Metalogix met all the requirements without any questions. Anything I wanted it to do, it did.

Metalogix gave us the abilit y to overcome a major SharePoint deficienc y where you can’t easily duplicate site collections. With Metalogix it ’s just a matter of right click, copy, right click, and paste. Amazing.



To solve its SharePoint management productivity challenges, Quantech evaluated a number of solutions that would assist with their SharePoint design management as well as the content migration. The company evaluated and compared products from all of the major SharePoint migration tool vendors. In the end, only Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint offered all of the features that Quantech needed.

“Only Metalogix met all the requirements without any questions,” said Bisciotti. “Anything I wanted it to do, it did. The other tools had drawbacks or caveats. They didn’t meet all the requirements. A clear advantage of choosing Metalogix is its interface. It’s so easy to use and the others were simply not as intuitive.” Quantech’s Director of Information Technology, David Mirra, responded, “Yes, Metalogix is a great tool. It increased productivity while helping us avoid new overhead costs. Why assume the expenses of hiring an additional employee or contractor when you can obtain power and performance by purchasing Metalogix at a minimal price?”

Bisciotti described the installation process as “surprisingly quick.” With Metalogix up and running, Quantech was pleased with the level of efficiency they were able to achieve using the tool for configuration management and customization. The team observed that development cycles had been practically cut in half and the deliverable quality improved, too. “Metalogix gave us the ability to overcome a major SharePoint deficiency where you can’t easily duplicate site collections. With Metalogix it’s just a matter of right click, copy, right click, and paste. Amazing.”


Using Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint, the IT team at Quantech has been able to dramatically improve its SharePoint customization productivity. With Metalogix, new demands are easy to meet and changes are easy to standardize and deploy. As a result, employees are able to benefit immediately from new SharePoint solutions and capabilities which would have been delayed if it were not for Metalogix.

Quantech has a lot of detail oriented sites that are well-designed, structured, and very consistent. But without Metalogix they would have been unable to efficiently deploy site collections, content types, branding assets, document libraries, lists, and list configurations throughout the environment from a centrally managed module. Now, evolving to SharePoint 2010 architecture is easy to manage and customize.

“Metalogix really is a great solution,” said Bisciotti. “I’m usually very critical of third party products. In fact, there are only a few that I endorse. Metalogix has been on that short list for a while now.”