Auckland, New Zealand

Mondiale Freight Services is the largest privately-owned freight forwarder in New Zealand. Established in 1989, the company employs in excess of 350 staff across New Zealand, Australia and Asia. Combined with an exclusive worldwide network of agents, Mondiale provides unequalled total logistics services on a global scale.

  • Mondiale depends on Microsoft Exchange as a business-critical tool – sending 25, 000 emails each day.
  • Metalogix tools and support help Mondiale manage and control rapid growth in email volume – reducing database and mailbox bloat, simplifying backup and recovery,and reducing risk.
  • Solutions deployed: Archive Manager Exchange Edition
One of New Zealand’s Largest International Forwarders Takes Control of Exchange and Mailbox Bloat with Metalogix

With over 25,000 email messages being exchanged each day, email is critical to operational flow and underpins Mondiale’s commitment to excellence in all aspects of freight forwarding, warehousing and logistics.

But, as is often the case, this rapid growth in email volume led to an overworked Exchange database and user mailbox bloat. A problem that was putting a burden on already over-stretched IT resources. As Richard Gray, IT Manager explains, “With the hoarding mentality everyone has regarding emails, the restore times for Exchange were close to 12+ hours.”

Although Mondiale already had an email archiving solution in place, it could not handle the sheer volume and size of the company’s email infrastructure.

Mondiale needed a more powerful solution that would reduce its bloated Exchange database and user mailboxes while improving email retrieval times. Another important requirement was minimizing administrative overhead and maintaining transparency to end users.

Looking to the future, Mondiale also wanted the flexibility to create its own application to integrate Exchange and its own enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, thereby enhancing operational workflows.

Richard Gray
IT Manager, Mondiale

My experience with Metalogix and its tools can be summed up in three phrases - value for money, simple and reliable, and superb support.

Deployment was easy. Since it’s invisible to end users, we just turned it on – it was a simple as that.

We went through an extensive evaluation process, but Metalogix stood out as the most powerful solution. Ease of management was also factor as was the competitive price.


Mondiale evaluated a number of email archiving solutions, but selected Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition.

“We went through an extensive evaluation process, but Metalogix stood out as the most powerful solution. Ease-of-management was also a factor as was the competitive price,” said Richard.

An award-winning toolset, Archive Manager Exchange Edition provided Mondiale with flexible and effective way to manage Exchange.

Working with Metalogix partner Daisy Solutions, Mondiale went live with Archive Manager in 2008. “Deployment was easy, thanks to Darren from Daisy’s support and advice. And, since it’s invisible to end users, we then just turned it on – it was a simple as that,” said Richard.

Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition supports limitless email retention and disposition at zero risks – and can be deployed on-premises, to Office 365 or in the cloud. It collects, uploads and archives data from PST files to protect them and make them easily available to users, even if they are working remotely. Because the solution offers a familiar Outlook or Outlook Web Access experience, it is transparent to users and doesn’t impact their productivity.

Archive Manager Exchange Edition also offers complete email lifecycle management by capturing, routing, storing, restoring, migrating and deleting emails automatically, based on user policy, using a powerful Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) archive engine.


Metalogix Archive Manager has significantly improved the management and performance of Mondiale’s Exchange environment, delivering a number of benefits:

  • Control and management of email data growth – Archive Manager delivers the ability to reduce email storage by up to 80%. “With Archive Manager our Exchange store sizes are under control,” said Richard. “Rogue, un-manageable PST files are also a thing of the past.”
  • Streamlined workflows – With email files now accessible and archived, Mondialehas integrated email with its ERP system and lessened its dependence on hard copy files. “Now anyone can see emails relating to a job, regardless of whom originally created or received them,” said Mondiale Lead Dev, John Millar.
  • Ease of email discovery and recovery – John’s team can now produce emails on demand without pulling staff into crisis projects. “Now we have copies of every email generated across the company and can be confident that if we need to find something, we can.”
  • Unparalleled support – Stressing his experience of prompt service and speedy resolution, John had nothing but praise for the Metalogix support team: “It’s simply the best support desk we’ve ever used. And, the integration team was that good too.”
  • Simplified, speedy backups – Removing older email from Exchange means backup times can be reduced by 50%. “With our store sizes under control, backups are more manageable in both time to write and time to recover,” said Richard. •
  • Reduced administrative burden – With email boxes and PST files under the control of IT, users benefit from not having to manage their mailbox size. IT benefits from not having to do the same.
  • Reduced risk – With emails out of Exchange and continuously archived onto storage media for instant retrieval, Archive Manager’s disaster management features substantially reduce risk.
  • A transparent end user experience – With Archive Manager, end users can search through all the emails they’ve ever sent and received, then restore them from a single button on their desktop –without seeing a difference in their Outlook or Outlook Web Access experience.
  • Cost savings – With end user and IT time freed up, productivity has increased and cost savings are realized.

Asked to sum up his experience with Archive Manager, Richard was emphatic: “My experience with Metalogix and its tools can be summed up in three phrases - value for money, simple and reliable, and superb support.”