Oliveira S. Mateus, Portugal

Headquartered in Portugal, S.Roque is a manufacturer of printing and packaging machinery and equipment, with a particular emphasis on the textile sector. With a presence on four continents, the company employs hundreds of workers distributed across various departments from administration to production. S.Roque produces and serves customers across the globe.

  • Relies on Microsoft Exchange as a business-critical tool for 250+ users in support of global business and operations
  • Metalogix tools and support help S.Roque consolidate and centralize PST files – mitigating risk, improving performance, and optimizing Exchange.
  • Solutions deployed: Archive Manager Exchange Edition
S.Roque Reduces PST Footprint and Optimizes Exchange Environment

With its global operations, S.Roque relies on email as a business-critical application to connect employees, suppliers and customers. However, over the years, the company has experienced a dramatic increase in email volume. This led to huge end user mailboxes and over-burdened local PST files – both of which presented a business risk.

Archiving emails locally posed a significant menace for us,” said Sergio Mendes, IT Manager. “There was always a risk of corrupted PST files or machines crashing, if we lose sensitive email data this has a direct effect on the business.

S.Roque also needed to improve the overall performance and efficiency of its Exchange 2007 environment. “Large mailboxes and out of control PST files have a big impact on employee efficiency and ultimately slow the business down,” explained Mendes.

S.Roque needed an email archiving solution that would centralize its burgeoning PST files, while minimizing the storage footprint on the Exchange server. Ease-of-use and user transparency were also key considerations. “Optimizing and offloading Exchange was our primary goal but we also had to ensure that the end user experience was seamless on Outlook, Outlook Web Access, and mobile devices,” said Mendes

Sergio Mendes
IT Manager

My job is so much easier now. Being able to control mailbox sizes with dedicated policies, create shortcuts to optimize Exchange, and get rampant PST file usage under total control without affecting the end- user experience has made this a worthwhile investment.


S.Roque considered a number of solutions, including Symantec and GFI, but chose Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition based on the ease of deployment and performance in a test environment.

An award-winning toolset, Archive Manager Exchange Edition offered S.Roque the user transparency and centralized email management and retention features it needed without impact to server performance on its Exchange system.

Archive Manager meets all our needs,” said Mendes. “We can archive and centralize PST files and maintain complete end user transparency. Users access their original PST file folder structure in Outlook, while Archive Manager recreates the same structure and even prevents end users from creating new PSTs. This was a key part of our decision.”

S.Roque engaged the expertise of Arquilogix Software, a local Metalogix partner, to deploy and support the solution. With Arquilogix’s support, S.Roque went live with Archive Manager immediately following the proof-of- concept phase. “Most of the work had already been done during that phase so the go-live was painless thanks to the Archive Manager’s ease-of-use.”

Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition is a flexible solution that supports limitless email retention and disposition at zero risks – and can be deployed on-premises, to Office 365 or in the cloud. It collects, uploads and archives data from PST files to protect them and make them easily available to users, even if they are working remotely. Because the solution offers a familiar Outlook or Outlook Web Access experience, it is transparent to users and doesn’t impact their productivity. Archive Manager Exchange Edition also offers complete email lifecycle management by capturing, routing, storing, restoring, migrating and deleting emails automatically, based on user policy, using a powerful Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) archive engine.


Since Arquilogix has implemented Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition for S.Roque, the company has seen significant improvements in Exchange performance and efficiency. “My job is so much easier now. Being able to control mailbox sizes with dedicated policies, create shortcuts to optimize Exchange, and get rampant PST file usage under total control without affecting the end-user experience has made this a worthwhile investment,” said Mendes.

S.Roque has also reduced the risk inherent in its legacy Exchange environment. Underground PST archives are not the best primary storage location for mailbox data for many reasons. But by collecting, uploading, and archiving PST files, Archive Manager, protects sensitive data and makes files available, even when working remotely.

The company has also benefitted from time and cost savings as a result of the newly implemented email archive. “Back-up times have been reduced substantially and mailbox restore is now a breeze,” said Mendes. “In the past, this task alone would have taken up valuable resources. Now those man hours can be allocated to other business priorities.”

What truly makes the Metalogix solution remarkable? Says Mendes, “The support we receive from both Metalogix and Arquilogix has been top class. Deployment was easy and upgrades have been painless. In my job, you can’t ask for more than that!