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Corporate Overview

Corporate Overview

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For organizations that care about collaboration and content management, Metalogix is the company they count on to help move, manage, and protect their content--no matter where it lives across the collaboration ecosystem.

Throughout many of my years of being a SharePoint consultant, migration was always an opportunity for innovation, for making changes, and for cleaning house, taking what was the best design possible a few years earlier and moving and taking advantage of the new features and solutions that are available in the newest version of SharePoint.

Migration is about being on the most effective platform to get done what you need to get done.

When you are there, it's about innovating. It's about having a platform that gives you the ability to deliver the features and functions the business needs to be productive and gives IT the legal and compliance tools that they need to keep control.

Whether our customers are looking for better ways to manage archiving, retrieval, and storage, whether they're looking to improve the performance of their infrastructure to give the users the best possible experience, or whether they're looking to implement and enforce the governance and security policies that protect their sensitive content, these are all areas where we've developed comprehensive solutions. And, we continue to back those up with the same 24/7 award-winning support that's defined our core business over the years.

I really think that we're moving from securing the perimeter to securing content, and that's where focus is going to be.

In recent years, the collaboration landscape has changed due to the availability of low-cost options being deployed in the cloud. Within every organization, individuals can now choose the solution that best fits their needs, leaving IT professionals to figure out how to move, manage, and protect these individual collaboration platforms.

We all know that the SharePoint environment has changed dramatically over the last few years, especially with the introduction of Office 365 and SharePoint Online. Today, many of you choose to collaborate on-premises, in the cloud, and in hybrid environments.

Regardless of how you choose to collaborate, Metalogix has a solution that can help you succeed at moving, managing, and protecting your collaboration content.

As CEO, I'm committed to delivering the same level of support and innovation that our customers have come to expect of Metalogix. We're committed to your success, and we thank you for your support.