Essentials for Office 365


Essentials for Office 365

Essentials for Office 365

Making the move to the cloud and Office 365 is a big decision, but getting your content there doesn’t have to be difficult. We make it easy to move content from SharePoint, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, personal drives, and file shares - allowing you to consolidate all of your content into Office 365 from just about anywhere. Essentials for Office 365 is an easy to use solution that allows anyone (not just IT teams) to handle everything from pre-migration planning to managing users and content.

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You've decided to take the next step in your collaboration journey by moving to Office 365.

All that's left is to move your content, but doing that on your own can be difficult and tedious. And new applications, like groups and teams, can present challenges that slow down your migration.

So, what if all this can be automated? Metalogix can help with Essentials for Office 365, an all-in-one solution that makes it simple to plan, move, manage, and protect your content.

Just install essentials on your desktop, connect it to your content sources, then to Office 365, and you're ready to go. Essentials starts your migration off right, with reports to help you evaluate your current environments and visualize obstacles, making it easier to put together a plan.

Ready to migrate? Simply select the content you want moved and where you want it moved to.

Essentials does the rest. It even lets you see what was moved and what wasn't.

Essentials connects seamlessly to most content sources, including file shares, older versions of SharePoint, and cloud storage services, like Box, Dropbox and Google Drive, allowing you to move all content into Office 365, no matter where your content is.

Once you're moved in, Essentials lets you get the most out of your new collaboration platform and keep everything running smoothly.

Perform tasks like adding and removing users, managing licenses, and organizing content. Generate reports and analytics to see how your new collaboration platform is being used, so you can adapt to new trends as they appear.

Best of all, it helps you ensure your new Office 365 environment is protected. Built-in security features give you control over external access and user permissions.

Try Essentials free today, and make your journey to Office 365 a success!