Metalogix: Move, Manage, and Protect Office 365

Today, more than ever, enterprises need a scalable solution that meets workspace collaboration requirements, intranet needs, and secure document management systems to be on the winning edge of the technology era. Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365 has been a game changer over the years in this lateral and is presently the world leader. However, to leverage Microsoft products and put into full use, enterprises need to rely on trusted Microsoft partners. Metalogix is one such partner with over decades of expertise and vast industry knowledge in the Microsoft arena—particularly around SharePoint and Office 356 space. Spearheaded by Trevor Hellebuyck, CEO of Metalogix, the company today is recognized as a market leading provider of best-in-class solutions to move, manage and protect content that lives within and around Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365 and Microsoft Office— whether in the cloud or on-premises. Hellebuyck accumulates decades of experience as a SharePoint innovator and the principal architect of StoragePoint, to drive his company toward a feat well positioned to even define the future of SharePoint and Office 365 landscape.