Metalogix StoragePoint and BLOBs

Metalogix StoragePoint and BLOBs

Metalogix StoragePoint and BLOBs

SQL databases are not optimized for storing the unstructured content like documents, images and videos that dominates SharePoint. These unstructured objects, known as BLOBs, degrade performance and create SharePoint database sprawl, which is hard, time consuming and expensive to manage. StoragePoint shrinks SQL databases in SharePoint up to 98% by moving BLOBs outside those databases to storage of your choosing. This enables SharePoint content databases to remain lean, efficient and high performing.

Video Transcript

SharePoint is a powerful collaboration platform we depend on to do our jobs. We put all kinds of content into SharePoint. Most content items are files. Unstructured, they are technically referred to as binary large objects, or BLOBs.

All of this content is stored on SharePoint's database: SQL server. SQL servers were made to handle lots of small transactions. Unfortunately, BLOBs are not small. They are really, really, large.

To SQL server, BLOBs are bad. When BLOBs are in SQL server, SharePoint performance suffers. End users wait for content. Adding more databases and hardware gets too expensive. You can't store large content. And when things break, recovery is at risk.

All this makes end users unhappy, and end users make you unhappy.

Fortunately, there is a solution!

You can move BLOBs out of SQL server to a better place. This is called externalizing your BLOBs. It means storing BLOBs in a more appropriate location than SQL server.

SharePoint still manages the content, which is good for you. Performance is much better, which is good for end users. Even Microsoft does this. In Office 365, Microsoft moves BLOBs out of SQL server.

In fact, this is the only way Office 365 can work and perform so well. And now, Office 365 users are happy!

Metalogix wanted to make you happy, so we built a BLOB solution called StoragePoint almost a decade ago. We've tried it out on thousands of other SharePoint administrators, so it's ready to make you happy.

Get StoragePoint today and move your BLOBs to a better place.

BLOBs are actually good. They're only bad when they're in SQL server.

Happy users, happy administrators, happy SharePoint.