Xgility Partner Testimonial


Xgility Partner Testimonial

Xgility Partner Testimonial

Kurt Greening of Xgility - Partner Testimonial

Video Transcript

My name is Kirk Grinning and I work for Xgility.

Xgility has a team of experts, and we're taking our customers on a journey to help them collaborate more effectively. It might be automating their workflows, it might be allowing their staff to work more efficiently or effectively--either amongst themselves or it could be with partner agencies or partner organizations that are helping them achieve their mission and transform their organizations.

From a product perspective, there's a number of Metalogix products that we've used to assist our customers. A lot of times they may have challenges around their information architecture, so, they're looking to do more than an upgrade. They're actually looking to improve the platform when they move to a new version of SharePoint.

From a security perspective, we're also very commonly recommending and helping customers implement ControlPoint. We do a lot of work around governance and information architecture, and ControlPoint is a tool that's been very effective with our customers and helping them enforce security and governance--obviously, if you're working with customers where national defense is important and where they're storing personally identifiable information.

Most folks have watched the news and they saw what happened with OPM. They're familiar with what happened in the Intel world with Snowden in that breach.And so, whether you're talking about breaches of data from the inside or deep breaches of data from the outside, security is very important.

Metalogix and the ControlPoint products are tools in our tool belt that are helping us protect that sensitive information and make sure that valuable information is used to fight the bad guys and not actually used against us.

We're actually moving them into an information architecture. It's more efficient and more effective, and it really aligns with the business objectives of their collaboration.

We worked with a Department of Defense customer, and they were a very large organization with a large migration from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013. It was extremely complex: thousands of sites, hundreds of site collections, over 18 terabytes of file shares.

When you talk about a migration under that scale of complexity and with those security requirements, you're talking about a migration that requires a large team and coordination of a large number of stakeholders.

Metalogix and their tools are a key in terms of building a partnership between us and our customers, helping them to achieve their mission and be successful with their collaboration.

We work with Metalogix because we can rely on them. They acquired the best tools in the industry. Their people are great. They're committed to customer success like we're committed to customer success, and that's why we use their tools on a regular basis.