Metalogix SharePoint & Office 365 Migrations


Metalogix SharePoint & Office 365 Migrations

Metalogix SharePoint & Office 365 Migrations

Metalogix SharePoint & Office 365 Migrations

Video Transcript

Migrating to SharePoint or Office 365 is your goal, but getting there isn't easy when you have a massive amount of content wrapped inside a complex environment.

The technology team wants seamless management of user content, security, and permissions. The legal team expects compliance and governance requirements are applied correctly. Users just want to work on their content.

Yet everyone wants to have an environment that delivers more speed, security, searchability, and 100% uptime.

The bad news? 84% of all migrations fail. Content goes missing. Meta tags disappear. Searches find no documents or too many. When a migration fails, productivity and user confidence decline, and weekends disappear because these failures require manual cleanup.

The great news? Metalogix will help increase your success with SharePoint and Office 365 migration solutions. Our solutions target three key migration phases: pre-migration analysis, migration planning, and migration.

During pre-migration, admins gain insight into current content: what's being used, what's not, and who's accessing it. Meanwhile, during migration planning, admins get a solid understanding of what to keep, what to remove, and what to archive.

As for migration, over 20,000 customers, including Starbucks, Disney, and Pfizer, have relied on Metalogix solutions to not only move content, but move mountains of content.

Our solutions help to add metadata and give admins the flexibility of a single migration or spacing out the migration over days or weeks. Increase the success of your next migration with Metalogix SharePoint and Office 365 migration solutions--because failure is never an option.