ThreeWill Partner Testimonial


ThreeWill Partner Testimonial

ThreeWill Partner Testimonial

Danny Ryan of ThreeWill - Partner Testimonial

Video Transcript

I'm Danny Ryan. I'm the VP of business development and co-founder for ThreeWill.

ThreeWill is based out of the southeast Atlanta, Georgia, and we've been focused on Microsoft collaboration solutions for the last 15 years.

Primarily focused in on SharePoint, we basically help our customers migrate, configure, customize, and sustain their solutions on SharePoint. ThreeWill helps our customers work together better. We are focused on collaboration solutions for our customers. In order for customers to get the value out of their solutions, we typically help larger organizations build these solutions, where large teams are working together and trying to accomplish organizational goals.

So, we have some recent project work that we work together partnering with Metalogix. And in that project, our customer had asked us to do an evaluation of the different products that are on the market. It was a very complex migration--over a hundred thousand users in some very complex environments that we're dealing with.

We came to the conclusion that Metalogix had the best product for what we needed to do for that customer. It was not only what the product did, but what we could build on top of the product.

On a recent project, we're doing probably the most complex SharePoint migration out there. And for this project, we decided to go with Metalogix as the tool. Really, it’s a tool set for us. In that project, we've actually written about twenty thousand lines of PowerShell script on top of this.

So, we see Metalogix as a framework that we've now built upon in order to do this migration. I don't think we could do this with any other product out there in the market.

What's important to us as a system integrator is to be able to support our customers long-term. At ThreeWill, we call this sustainment services. After we build out a solution for our customer, we actually put together multi-year agreements with that customer in order to sustain what we've built for them.

That's where ControlPoint comes into place for us. We want to be able to maintain that environment, and Metalogix has the tool which allows for us to do that.

So, what we're seeing customers do with SharePoint 2016 is look at what they are using their collaboration environments for. Customers can use SharePoint for their intranet and extranet--maybe a partner extranet or a client extranet--and for a lot of different purposes. Some clients have them for certain business applications that they're using SharePoint for.

What we're looking at is how does SharePoint 2016 fit into these environments? Where should they be moving to SharePoint 2016 within the context of how they're using SharePoint today?

About three and a half years ago, we did a survey after finishing up a project for one of our customers. It was about which tools they were using to migrate to SharePoint. We’ve had a steady flow of people filling out that survey, and we recently published the results; the first and second place for that was Metalogix.

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