• CS migriert eigenes Intranet von On-Premises in die Cloud zur Steigerung der Mitarbeiterproduktivität
  • Verschiedene SharePoint-Versionen werden miteinander verbunden und in die neue Umgebung übertragen
  • Lösungen im Einsatz: Content Matrix
  • Kinderspital Zürich will Backup- und Recovery-Zeiten der umfangreichen Exchange-Datenbanken verkürzen, die rechtsgültige Archivierung der vielfältigen Patientendaten sicherstellen sowie den wachsenden Anforderungen an eine zuverlässige und schnelle Suchfunktion begegnen
  •  Lösungen im Einsatz: Archive Manager Exchange Edition, Archive Manager Files Edition
  • Orthomol möchte sämtliche Intranet-Inhalte von SharePoint 2010 auf 2013 übertragen
  • Die Migration erfolgt auf eine völlig neue Struktur, zudem sollen automatische Backups und dezidierte Wiederherstellungen möglich werden
  • Lösungen im Einsatz: SharePoint Backup, Content Matrix

Abyon Ltd. is a Hungarian consulting company founded in 2016. Focused on innovative collaborate and BI solutions based on the Microsoft Platform and SharePoint, on premises and cloud-based. Abylon resells Metalogix products and provides consulting services on Metalogix platform.

TermSet is a ground breaking product that uses Artificial Intelligence based on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing for identifying and retrieving GDPR Personal Identifiable Information within all types of documents stored within File Shares, O365, SharePoint, One Drive, DropBox, CRM. TermSet can also automatically apply Metadata and Taxonomies to content stored within SharePoint, which significantly increases employee productivity by delivering the Google search experience and delivers faster migrations by automating the content discovery process.

L und M Business IT GmbH is a specialist for IT solutions. With 40 qualified employees at the Kiel and Hamburg locations, the company offers their customers the perfect framework for secure, efficient and hight-performance infrastructures. The optimal support of innovation and high professional competence is the goal of L und M Business IT.

nTeam GmbH, which is headquartered in Berlin/Germany, focusses on Microsoft  collaboration and communication solutions, working on systems like Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business and Office365.  Since 1997 on the market, we are convincing with our more than 30 employees through quality, experience and expert knowledge in current and future Microsoft.

  • Migration von SharePoint 2007 auf 2013 ohne Zwischenschritt über SharePoint 2010
  • Reduzierung der Komplexität in der Datenablage & Umsetzung einer nutzerfreundlichen Neuorganisation
  • Lösungen im Einsatz: Content Matrix

The Theotokos Foundation is a non-profit welfare organization which provides support, special education assistance and training to children and young adults, aged 3 to 35 with mild-to-severe learning and other developmental disabilities, as well as counseling and psychological support for their families. Established in 1963, the foundation actively promotes that for the persons living with disability and their families - everything is achievable across all facets of life – from education and training to social involvement.

Culobel’s history began in 1928, with the establishment of a button factory, Chaumont. The buttons were pressed in metal and primarily used for uniforms. Since the 1960s, the company has been named Culobel and it is a specialized supplier of metal presswork. Among Culobel’s customers are companies active in both assembly and construction. With its headquarters in Aalst, near Brussels, Belgium, Culobel also has three sites in the Czech Republic and one in China. Culobel has 260 employees and a turnover of about 25 million euro.


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