Collaboration Platform Performance & Continuity

Microsoft MVP Tracy van der Schyff will share major trends from each SharePoint version release and demonstrate exactly how organizations can properly leverage SharePoint to address specific business challenges.

Backup is important for both SharePoint and Office 365, but each will require a slightly different approach.

Moving to Office 365 doesn’t mean that you no longer have to create backup or recovery plans. It means that your plans, methods and workflows need to change to account for Office 365 storage in SharePoint Online, SharePoint on-prem and OneDrive for Business.

  • Sunrise wünschte sich weniger Komplexität der Daten mit Lösungen, die sämtliche Goverance- und andere Richtlinien berücksichtigen
  • Sunrise erhielt außerdem mehr Performance, Flexibilität, Usability, automatische Alerts & Reports sowie einfache Backup- und Wiederherstellungsoptionen
  • Lösungen im Einsatz: ControlPoint, Content Matrix, Diagnostic Manager, SharePoint Backup, StoragePoint

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SQL databases are not optimized for storing the unstructured content like documents, images and videos that dominates SharePoint. These unstructured objects, known as BLOBs, degrade performance and create SharePoint database sprawl, which is hard, time consuming and expensive to manage. StoragePoint shrinks SQL databases in SharePoint up to 98% by moving BLOBs outside those databases to storage of your choosing. This enables SharePoint content databases to remain lean, efficient and high performing.

How can Office 365 support millions of users and still perform well? 

The secret lies in the Office 365 storage architecture, which is fundamentally different than the out-of-the-box SharePoint architecture. SharePoint administrators are painfully aware of the inherent storage and file limitations of SQL Server and SharePoint. These limitations force SharePoint to conform to small content databases and exclude large files.

Collaboration Platform Performance & Continuity

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Die durchschnittliche SharePoint-Farm wächst etwa 50-75 Prozent jedes Jahr. Auch kleinere Farmen wachsen so in wenigen Jahren schnell auf eine Größe von mehreren Terabyte heran. Die Verwaltung großer SharePoint-Farmen erfordert oft hohe Investitionen in den Storage und die Hardware für SQL-Server. Die Errichtung einer skalierbaren und kosteneffizienten SharePoint Storage-Architektur ist für den erfolgreichen Einsatz von SharePoint auf lange Sicht ein sehr wichtiger Faktor.


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