Migration Planning & Environmental Analysis

One promise of cloud technologies is reduced IT management, and with Office 365 the burden of managing on-premises architecture does disappear. But thoughtful administration of users and permissions - as well as agile control over content - are still top priorities for the busy IT Pro in the cloud. Essentials for Office 365 empowers managers with a single console to easily move and reorganize content, manage permissions, and gather key intelligence about user adoption.

In this webinar, we’re going to walk through the best practices for Office 365 user management.

  • CS migriert eigenes Intranet von On-Premises in die Cloud zur Steigerung der Mitarbeiterproduktivität
  • Verschiedene SharePoint-Versionen werden miteinander verbunden und in die neue Umgebung übertragen
  • Lösungen im Einsatz: Content Matrix

What does collaboration look like in 2018?

When organizations embark on moving to OneDrive, content structure within the organization generally changes to accommodate the new platform. Users are expected to interact differently with the way they create, store, and interact with content. Without a user adoption and transition management strategy, users will continue to work around IT and previous workflows, instead of embracing change. Move to OneDrive without the headache and unpack what it takes to get your users onboarded effectively.

There may be plenty of reasons to migrate to SharePoint, but many organizations fail to realize all of the challenges about their migration project. (Especially one that is unplanned!) For most organizations, service delivery interruptions, parity issues, and poor user adoption are enough to keep them from migrating. After all… fail to plan, plan to fail!

  • Migros improves content database performance by storing large data on external storage spaces
  • Externally storing less-relevant data on cost-efficient storage spaces cuts long-term costs
  • Solution used: StoragePoint
  • Migros erhöhte die Performance der Inhaltsdatenbank durch Auslagerung von großen Daten auf externe Speicherplätze
  • Die Auslagerung von weniger relevanten Daten auf kostengünstigere Speicherplätze reduzierte auf Dauer die Storage-Kosten
  • Lösungen im Einsatz: StoragePoint

ControlPoint ist die führende SharePoint-Lösung im Bereich Sicherheit, Governance und Administration. Von einer einzelnen Konsole aus verwalten Sie vielfache Farmen für jede SharePoint-Version - On-Premises und in der Cloud. Zwar sind den Usern die Vorteile der Lösung bewusst, jedoch werden die vielfältigen Möglichkeiten von ControlPoint allzu häufig nicht ausgeschöpft.


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