Freedom and Control in the Cloud

Business users are increasingly turning to cloud-based collaboration solutions such as Dropbox, Box, Slack, Google for Work and Salesforce to get work done -- without approval from IT. As a result, these platforms don’t follow the same internal or external compliance and governance rules as on-premises, IT-deployed and approved solutions. Yet the IT team is still responsible for managing those platforms, as well as monitoring and protecting the content they contain. provides a comprehensive set of cloud apps to manage the lifecycle of content stored and shared across cloud collaboration platforms, regardless of who has deployed them.

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Migrate and Deploy

A simple cloud interface for any-to-any migration in the cloud, content replication and synchronization and platform provisioning. Move content from any file share into your platform of choice.

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A single, simple interface for permissions management, auditing and reporting for any cloud collaboration platform. Classify content and enrich metadata, manage cloud services and monitor or report on usage.

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User permissions - Cloud user management

Secure content

Find Sensitive Content (and Protect It!)

Quickly and easily scan your entire extended collaboration environments from a single interface. Find sensitive content wherever it lives, then decide where it should go, easily move it, provision users and manage and report on its usage.

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Protect Content

A single interface to backup and archive collaboration content wherever it lives in the cloud. Geofence access, monitor suspicious usage and continuously scan for inappropriate usage or placement of sensitive content.

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Backup and archive content in the cloud

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