Email Management Gets More Complex Every Day

"Ding! You've got mail." Ding. Ding. Every day, companies get dinged 125 billion times. That’s a lot of email to keep track of. Managing email at all times is a monumental challenge. From availability and storage to compliance and archiving, you work hard to deliver an Exchange environment that supports the end to end lifecycle of email. Now email comes in many environments including on-premises, cloud and the best of both – hybrid. As email management continues to get more complex, you and your organization can benefit from solutions to help keep this environment optimized and compliant. Ding.

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Keep Email Available at All Times

Email content needs to be available no matter what. The most efficient and cost effective way to store email content over time while preserving access for end users is in an email archive. Archive Manager ensures high availability of mission-critical email data, while removing clutter from your organization’s main email servers. Moving infrequently needed or low priority email to an archive frees existing servers to perform at an optimum level and reduces the overall cost profile of your email and archiving environment.

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Supporting Compliance, eDiscovery and Legal Holds

Organizations face growing demands to preserve and deliver content upon request, whether for audits, lawsuits, or human resource issues. Archive Manager enables you to meet compliance and legal request demands, including producing emails on demand with rapid email search and discovery features. Quickly and painlessly respond to audits or legal investigations without putting IT staff into crisis mode.Archive Manager delivers critical, proven email archiving capabilities that are robust, affordable, and award-winning year after year.

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Reduce Storage for Email Content

125 billion emails a day add up. In short, emails and attachments take lots of storage. Content is frequently duplicated as part of a multi-person distribution or email thread. Free up storage space and eliminate unnecessary duplicate email data with Archive Manager, which automatically removes duplicate copies of email attachments sent to multiple users. This stabilizes your Microsoft Exchange Server and cuts storage requirements and associated storage and backup costs.

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Lifecycle Email Archive Management

Managing emails throughout the full lifecycle creates substantial benefits for your organization. You reduce storage costs by moving archived emails to less costly locations as their value changes over time. Removing older email from Exchange means your backups can be completed in half the time. Archive Manager’s automated information management system controls the retention policy of each archived email. It captures, routes, stores, restores, migrates and deletes emails automatically. You decide how long messages, mailboxes, and distribution groups are retained.

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Deploy Your Email Archive Wherever You Want: Cloud, Hybrid or Private

Your email archiving solution should be flexible enough to store your archives wherever you choose. With support for cloud, hybrid, and in-house infrastructures, Archive Manager is designed to go wherever needed and to scale as your needs evolve. Whether regulations force you to keep a compliant archive in a certain geographical territory or you simply want to retain sensitive data on-premises, Archive Manager provides a military-grade, flexible email archiving solution for organizations of all sizes.

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