Time to Focus, Time to Adapt

A core premise of investing in Office 365 is to increase the focus on building productivity within your organization. The benefits are real, but the cloud is always changing and still requires dedicated time to manage properly. Focused solutions provide central management of the always changing cloud platform.

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Migrating teams and individuals

Migrating Individual & Team Collaboration

The first step of most migrations to Office 365 is to move e-mail to the cloud which is almost a one-to-one move. The second step has been to move individual and team collaboration. Whether it’s moving current file shares, investments into other cloud solutions, or starting new OneDrive for Business is a fast growing area that allows individuals collaborate and IT to retain control. All things are not equal when moving from SharePoint on premises to SharePoint Online so it’s important to know your content, and have the flexibility to reorganize as you're moving your team’s collaboration.

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Managing User Lifecycle: Licenses, Content & Backup

With Office 365 comes new responsibilities. There is the opportunity to manage more about an individual user than before. The user has not only accounts, but licenses, and content that is created in both individual & Team collaboration environments alongside e-mail. While disaster recovery is taken care of by the cloud, how do you handle an sunsetting and saving all their individual data?

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Understanding Content Utilization

Business owners and IT teams have gotten together to build a governance plan of how Office 365 can provide the most value to their organization. Are those goals and expectations being met? It’s good to have analytics to see the type of content that is being created, the frequency of creation and the activity not only with collaboration but will all workloads within Office 365.

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Not all individual or team collaboration content can be moved to the cloud, depending on regulations imposed internally or by external agencies. When your content is divided and there’s no standard way to monitor and manage content from one location. In most scenarios it’s important to understand the permissions, sensitive content, maximize the storage allocation between systems and the individual utilization.

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New Features in Office 365

Office 365 is the center of Microsoft’s cloud first: mobile first mission. As a result, there are constant updates and new features that are being released. These features include new interfaces on team collaboration, apps that combine email and collaboration services, and tools to organize your tasks.

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