So Many Buttons, So Little Time

Maintaining SharePoint successfully on-premises is not only about understanding how SharePoint presents web pages to the user, distributes services across multiple servers, or how it manages databases, but about the specific buttons to press to control each of these intertwining pieces. With competing priorities the best organizations automate what the can, and spend their valuable time focusing on the most difficult challenges.

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Control of Your Infrastructure

When you’re on-premises with SharePoint you have the ability to manage and optimize all the different pieces of infrastructure that support your collaboration goals. It’s important to understand the performance and health of your network, server, database and SharePoint. You have the opportunity to optimize how data is stored in SQL, and set governance to ensure content is stored in the right storage containers.

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Managing & Securing Content

You’ve built your infrastructure and now it’s time to create the site structure that will empower your end users to collaborate. Setting goals for utilization it’s time to understand if those end users are meeting the expectations and if the governance plan to secure your intellectual property is being followed. It’s important to gain insight through reports to understand content growth, change in permissions, movement of content throughout the system, and governance compliance.

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Migrating to a New Version

Many organizations and agencies came to SharePoint in different ways whether it’s started as a single server under a desk or a planned roll out of an organizational wide intranet. Depending on the type of roll out, and how many users have adopted the solution, many people have different versions of SharePoint in their environment and look to versions when end-users request features. Depending on the time that has passed you might have to skip versions and reorganized your infrastructure and content organization to be able to meet your new expectations of collaboration.

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Hybrid takes many forms whether across version SharePoint or now the most common use of the phrase from on-premises to Office 365. Either way your content is divided and there’s no standard way to monitor and manage content from one location. In most scenarios it’s important to understand the permissions, sensitive content, maximize the storage allocation between systems and the individual utilization.

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New in SharePoint 2016

The newest member of the SharePoint on premises family SharePoint server 2016 focuses on three investment areas: improved user experience, compliance and reporting and cloud inspired infrastructure. There are many advantages because SharePoint server 2016 is literally born from the cloud and has a shared code base with Office 365, thus allowing the deployment of feature packs that bring cloud features on premises within a year of creation instead of the classic three-year cycle.

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