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Metalogix Content Matrix Console has the ability to copy Users as part of a site level copy, or as a separate action. Users will automatically be copied as a part of a standard migration, but can also be copied separately.

Whenever the SharePoint Edition runs a migration action it will always try to copy over any users that are referenced in the metadata of files that are being migrated, user referenced in groups (if groups are being migrated), and users referenced in permissions (if permissions are being migrated). Meaning that the SharePoint Edition will automatically try to migrate any users it find in the process of migration. In order for these users to be migrated the must exist on the target side Active Directory (AD), so that SharePoint can authenticate them. A good rule of thumb is if the user can't be manually authenticated in the target SharePoint instance, then the SharePoint Edition will not be able to add them either.

In cases where data was migrated and the referenced user cannot be authenticated, the SharePoint Edition will set the migrating user account into the files metadata instead, and an warning will be listed in the logs. In these cases user mappings can be set up, to map these users to another account.

There is a separate action within Content Matrix that allows you to migrate only users from a source to a target.

Copying Users

This option is generally only recommended to be used if the source site has already been migrated over to the target.

  1. In the Explorer View tab navigate to the site that you want to copy users from.

  2. Select the desired node, right-click, and choose Copy Site.

  3. Next, navigate to the desired target location, under a SharePoint site or server connection. Select the top level target node (the node that the copied content should fall under) for the migration. This will generally be a site node on the target. Right-click to open the context menu and select the Paste Site Objects > Users option.

  4. This will open the Copy Users dialog.

    Here any specific users or domains can be selected or de-selected. Place a check in the check-box for any users or domains that you want to migrate to the target. If a domain check-box is selected then all of the users in that domain will also be selected.

  5. Once all the desired users and/or domains have been selected, click Run to start the migration.

    Alternately, the Save button can be chosen instead, and users can save the copy settings to a job file in the SharePoint Edition's Job List section. From here the job can be run at any time, and the action will be performed.

  6. When the migration starts a status dialog box will be displayed. The migration logs can be viewed (in progress or after the migration is finished) by clicking the Details>> button. The Status section of the status box will list a live count for the number of successes, warnings, failures, etc. for the migration (both during and after migration). The Progress section of this dialog will list any completions and the type of completion (Sites, lists, items, users, groups, etc.). A Migration Completed message will be give when finished, and the Close button can be clicked to exist the status dialog.

    The users for the source have now been migrated to the target.

Note: Content Matrix Console - SharePoint Edition has the ability to copy users that have been deleted from AD. This option involves writing the users to the content database, and is not supported by Microsoft. For information about how to enable this feature please contact Metalogix Support.