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Metalogix Content Matrix Console - SharePoint Edition has the ability to run incremental copies. An incremental copy (also known as a delta migration) will only copy any new and updated data, from the source to the target. Before an incremental copy is run, an original migration action should have been made for the same content. There are three different methods to run an incremental copy from the SharePoint Edition.

  1. Set the Migration Mode to Incremental Copy mode. This mode is similar to the third method (creating an incremental job in the Job List section. The incremental copying mode enables migrations that can preserve and update objects on the target of the migration. This mode is used when you are performing an incremental migration or when you just want to make sure nothing on the target gets overwritten. Please see the Migration Mode page for more details.

  2. The Custom Copy option in the Migration Mode settings will allow users to run incremental copies for selected content. This option allows users to configure a mix of the Overwrite and the Incremental modes, meaning that incremental copies can be performed on select content in a migration, while allowing other contnt to be overwritten. Please see the Migration Mode page for more details.

  3. Creating an incremental job based off a previously run job.

When running an incremental copy the Preserve IDs on items/folders in Lists option must have been enabled in the original copy. This is so SharePoint Edition can reference the item ID when looking to see if the items already exists on the target side. If this option was not selected, the incremental copy for SharePoint lists can return some strange results. Generally, in cases where this option was not selected, an incremental copy will create some duplicate content on the target for items it thinks are not in the list, even though they may be (but use a different item ID). The other possible consequence is that some data may be missing, because the SharePoint Edition may think that some data exists on the target, even though it may not (but the ID's may be in use). For more information on incremental copying and preserving ID's for SharePoint list items please see the Preserving SharePoint List IDs with a CSOM Connection Type page.

The preservation of Document ID/s is not an issue for incremental copying of SharePoint documents. Incremental copying for documents is referenced by the folder path/filename of the document instead of the item ID. SharePoint Edition will look for the URL path of the document, and if found, will then compare the modified date between the original target document and the source document to see if any modifications have been made to the file. If any modifications are found, as compared to the target, these will be migrated to the target. If no file was found when looking back to the source/target URL path, then that document/folder will be added.

Note: Incremental copying is not supported if using Native Web Service (NWS) connection on the target. This is in part, due to the inability to correctly preserve the item ID's. If trying an incremental copy, with the NWS connection on the target, there is a possibility that some of the data on the target side will be corrupted.

Migration Mode - Incremental Copy

The Incremental Copy Mode basically sets the SharePoint Edition to preserve existing documents and items, instead of setting Content Matrix Console - SharePoint Edition to overwrite any existing documents and items. Please see the Migration Mode page for more details on the Migration Mode1.

Creating an Incremental Job from an Existing Job

Incremental jobs are based off of previous migration actions. In order to create an incremental job, a normal migration must have been preformed first, so its job is listed in the Job List section. This existing job will be used as the base for the incremental copy. Once created, the new incremental copy job can be found in the Job List section, and can be run at any time.

  1. First, run a migration or create a migration batch file for the action you want to base the incremental copy on. Please see the Copying a Site, List or Item page for more information on how to run a basic migration action.

    Note: When setting up an incremental copy it is required to select the Preserve IDs on items in Lists option (in the List Content Options tab), especially if creating an incremental copy for SharePoint lists. When list are copied as a part of an incremental copy the item ID is used as the field to match, to determine if the item already exists or not, or if it has been updated. When copying documents the folder path and document name are used instead.
  2. Once a migration has been run, or a batch file has been created, a job will populate in the Job List section of the SharePoint Edition's User Interface (UI). Select this job, right-click, and select the Create incremental job option.

  3. Once selected this will create a new job item in the Job List. This new job will use the same name as the inital job with " Incrementally" appended to the end of the name. For example, "Paste Site" would become "Paste Site Incrementally." This new incremental job is ready to be run, and can either be run immediately through the UI, or can be run as a scheduled item.

Configuration Changes Made for a Incremental Copy

When an incremental copy is created off of an existing migration action, or when the Migration Mode is set to Incremental Copy or Custom Copy, there are some changes that are made to the general configuration options for the migration. These changes and option settings include:

These options help ensure that only items with a Modified date that is greater than the last migration date should be included in the incremental copy.

Incremental copying can only be done for migration actions, such as copying a site, list, folder or item(s). A single incremental copy job, or multiple incremental copy jobs, can be created at the same time. This can be done by multi-selecting multiple jobs from the Job List and following the Creating an Incremental Job from an Existing Job steps above, or by using the Incremental Copy or Custom Copy migration modes.

Content Matrix Console - SharePoint Edition's incremental copy will not affect the source site, and will only update items, or add new items, on the target site. Items will only be updated and added, but not removed.

For example, let's look at the case of a list that has been copied to the target, then some items have been deleted from it, and another item has been added (all on the source). If an incremental copy is then performed, these deleted items (on the source) would still exist on the target side, because SharePoint Edition will not delete any items as part of an incremental copy, and the new item would be added to the target side. The result would be that all of the copied items would exist on the target side, even though some of them have been deleted from the source.

The jobs that are created by the incremental copy command can be saved and manipulated in the same manner as any other batch migration file.