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Fighting mutant critters and delusional villains is so passé. We’ve assembled the MetaVengers to help you overcome the real proprietors of workplace disruption. Is your SharePoint deployment ravaged by a foul migration plan? Are your users suffering from the grips of an ill-managed adoption strategy? With the combined knowledge of industry-leading Microsoft MVPs and MCMs from around the world, the MetaVengers are here to save the day. From eye-opening webinars designed to help you prevail over complex issues to articles specially laid out to address the most pressing issues on-the-go, the MetaVengers supply a cutting edge arsenal for every digital workplace. Discover a richly curated amalgam of content and resources to guide you in all things SharePoint, Office 365, and OneDrive. Fight back against workplace interruptions with the MetaVengers!

OneDrive Perspectives Series

1,200 seconds. That’s enough time to snooze in on a Monday morning, enjoy a cup of joe, or daydream about your next big getaway. How do you measure the value of your time? Join us during our OneDrive Perspectives webinars and spend 1,200 seconds of your day investing in your future. You’ll delve into esoteric topics about industry best practices, significantly increase your organization’s success with OneDrive, and learn everything there is to know about migration, user adoption, change management, and more. Even if you’re familiar to OneDrive, properly planning, deploying, and growing your information architecture is no easy feat. Check out the ins-and-outs of Microsoft’s de facto document management and syncing tool for SharePoint and re-define the most productive 1,200 seconds you’ve ever had.

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The MetaVengers

It takes a superhero to rule a content management ecosystem. Our MetaVengers are a world-class team of innovators who are passionate about technology, information architecture, and client success. Check out each MetaVenger’s superhero power and join them on a quest to vanquish workplace foes.

Alistair Pugin
Office Servers MVP
Tracy van der Schyff
Office Servers MVP
Matthew Hughes
Founder of Kinetal
Vlad Catrinescu
SharePoint MVP

MetaVenger Contributors

Nicolas Blank
Nicolas Blank
Nicolas Blank
Exchange MCM and MVP
Sebastien Levert
Office Development MVP