Perspectives on OneDrive

Managing User Adoption and Operational Change on OneDrive

When was the last time you broke an old habit? Whether you used to bite your nails, obsessively scroll through Facebook, or procrastinate until the very last minute, we can all acknowledge that breaking a habit is difficult and tiring—no matter what! In fact, adopting a new habit to replace another makes it a bit easier to let go of the “old way of doing things.” If you’re thinking about deploying a new platform or service, you need to consider exactly what you’re demanding from your users. Are you asking for them to replace the way things used to be with something unfamiliar? Or are you presenting them with a blessing in disguise? In many instances, rolling out a new platform or workflow demands a lot from its users, so fully understanding user adoption and operational change is crucial to the success of your migration.

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Why Do Most OneDrive Migrations Fail?

If you’ve ever had to move into a new home, then you probably understand how arduous the process could be. Though it sounds easy to pack-and-carry your things into a new home, moving can often be very demanding. For starters, have you identified the things you don’t want to bring into the new house? What about your packing materials? Rolls of bubble wrap for fragile materials, quilted moving pads for valuable items, wardrobe boxes for transporting your clothes… and the list goes on.

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Secure Your Organization’s Offline Content with OneDrive

Imagine you’re at the local grocery store drinking from a pre-purchased can of soda while you’re shopping. Now, let’s say you mistakenly toss the soda can into the trash before you had the chance to pay for it. Does this constitute ignorance or theft? Enter the digital world, where we open a proverbial can of worms for every piece of data you intentionally (or unintentionally) consume, share, or create. Though it’s easy to argue that enjoying soda that’s yet to be purchased is illegal, there’s a more broad definition to what users should or shouldn’t do with sensitive content.

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Infrastructure Considerations When Migrating to OneDrive

Migrating to OneDrive for Business can be a challenging task. From an IT perspective, they are responsible for its deployment and management, as well as ensuring its performance stability for their users. Before we move on, let’s first make sure we’re on the same page on what OneDrive is and what it should replace in your organization.

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Integrating OneDrive with Active Directory and Exchange

SharePoint has traditionally driven Document Management in the organization. With the convergence of platforms like Active Directory, Exchange, and SharePoint, Infrastructure Architects are now expected to cross-skill, especially as file servers and Exchange folders are migrated to SharePoint Online for OneDrive consumption. With the advent of Office 365 and the rapid expansion of cloud compatibilities, the cross-pollination of a broader understanding of SharePoint and OneDrive is more evident than ever before.

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