Archive Manager Product Bulletin: Archive Manager-ExchangeEdition-001

March 16, 2012 | Washington DC
Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint and Metalogix Selective Restore Manager for SharePoint Build (Release) Published. This build fixes a few issues.
  • Copy of custom list with Nintex Workflow has failed with error message (ITM-12038): Improved handling of source Nintex workflows that have workflow names that do not match the actual workflow folder. Workflows in this case did not get associated to the list, this fix will associate the workflow but in some cases will not be able to migrate instances due to the source workflow having multiple instances set to start of the same workflow (in this case, the source workflow should be cleaned up and only have one instance of the workflow set to run). (BugFix) src=../../images/BugFix.gif
  • v5.0.0.20: Error copying web parts from SP2010 to SP2010 - Object reference not set to an instance of an object (ITM-12125): 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' for ListView WebParts resolved. (BugFix)

  • If you have links in the quick launch pointing to different views on a list, after migration they will all be changed to allitems.aspx (ITM-12399): List views were not correctly mapped at navigation copy. (BugFix)

  • Error accessing Mutex File when two users running migrations concurrently on same client machine (ITM-12460): License usage will update as expected when running migrations under different users on the same workstation. (BugFix)

  • Link Corrections appears to be broken (ITM-12666): Issues resolved, link correction should work fine for images. (BugFix)

  • Copy Folder actions do not migrate permissions for the root folder copied (ITM-12671): Permissions will now migrate correctly for the copied folders. (BugFix)

  • Getting errors running PowerShell scripts when running on target SharePoint 2010 WFE - WARNING: Initialize Link Corrector for List Copy (ITM-12674): PowerShell scripts will instantiate the correct options from the MLWS. (BugFix)

  • Native Migration to SharePoint 2010 does not preserve default values for required columns (ITM-12703): Default values configured for columns should now be preserved correctly when migrating to SharePoint 2010 via the native remote API. (BugFix)

  • Error initializing the Workflow Repository - User permissions to ProgramData\Metalogix Software Corp\Metalogix.SharePoint.Workflow Issue (ITM-12716): When creating the Metalogix.SharePoint.Workflow folder, it will have FullControl permissions for objects created within it. NOTE: It is best to remove an existing Metalogix.SharePoint.Workflow folder and let Migration Manager for SharePoint recreate it by running a version with this fix. If Migration Manager for SharePoint is run by user (not admin) and the folder already exists and was created by an admin, we are unable to update the access rights. It is best to remove the folder first using an admin account. (BugFix)


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