Hot Fix Release Announcement for Migration Suite

January 24, 2013 | Washington DC

We are excited to announce that Metalogix Archive Manager 5.2 product suite is now generally available.

What are the key new features Metalogix Archive Manager 5.2?

The marquee features of Archive Manager 5.2 include:

  • New retention category “Indefinite retention”
    • Facilitates delayed retention period definition via ArchiveWeb interface
    • Integrated communication across HSM layer
    • New centralized and optimized HSM Utility, replacing multiple older utilities
    • Additional ArchiveWeb translations – Romanian, Russian, Turkish
    • Added support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012
    • Enterprise manager allow users to create new entries. These items should open the following URLs:
      • Knowledge base: Need Help? Click to access the Metalogix Knowledge Base
      • Open ticket: Click to open a ticket with Metalogix Support


Release Highlights


Why it is important to customers

New Retention Categories

  • Infinite retention
  • Indefinite retention

The infinite retention category allows customers to set the true infinite retention period preventing archived items to be ever deleted from the archive.

The indefinite retention category allows archive items first and decide later how long the items will be preserved. This also allows to extend the retention period if legal or company requirements change over the time.

New centralized and optimized HSM Utility

The new HSM Utility centralizes multiple administrative tasks to a single interface. Administrators are no longer required to find and run a task specific tool.

Additional ArchiveWeb translations – Romanian, Russian, Turkish

As we grow the number of mailboxes under archive management, we strive to accommodate the need for additional features such as language support, and so with the new version we have also added additional language support for our customer base in Romania, Russia and Turkey.

New menu entries to easily access Metalogix Support

Two new menu entries allow administrators to contact Metalogix Support or access Metalogix Knowledge Base directly from the management interface.


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