Kattelo Consulting Relies on Metalogix Content Matrix to Migrate Customers to SharePoint 2013 and Office 365

March 14, 2013 | Washington DC

Metalogix Product Release Announcement - Content Matrix 6.1

Metalogix is proud to announce the 6.1 release of Content Matrix. We strongly encourage existing customers to download and install this release of Content Matrix to take advantage of new product features and maintenance issues addressed in this release. 

This release enhances Content Matrix by:

  • Improving the look and feel and ease of use of the Content Matrix Consoles, and the Content Matrix Web Components (Powerful reorganization accessible from within SharePoint)
  • Improving the use and performance of enterprise content by increasing the features and performance of content migration to both SharePoint Online 2013 (Office 365) and SharePoint 2013 on-premises
  • Allowing Farm Admins, Site Collection Owners and optionally both Site Owners and end users to perform powerful pre-migration, post-migration, and Continuous Improvement content reorganization actions using the Content Matrix Web Components

Release Highlights

Unless noted otherwise, the following apply to all editions of the Content Matrix Console:


Why is it Important to Customers

Updated Console User Interface


The Content Matrix Consoles’ User Interface has been improved to include a modern, Ribbon-based, menu and toolbar system

Content Matrix Consoles are now easier to use and understand, and are more visually appealing

SharePoint 2013 Online Support through the CSOM Adapter


Content Matrix now supports connecting to the new SharePoint Online 2013 on Office 365 through the Client Services Object Model (CSOM). This significantly increases the number of features available to, and the performance of, migrations to SharePoint Online 2013.

Customers migrating to SharePoint Online 2013 (Office 365) are now able to utilize the features available to those migrating to SharePoint 2013 on-premises, and can migrate to SharePoint Online more quickly

Updated Web Components User Interface and Support for Site Admins


The Web Components reorganization and ribbon user interfaces have been updated to include a cleaner tree view that avoids overlapping URL’s, and more user friendly information screens respectively. Site Admins can now use the Web Components reorganization tree. Both Site Owner access to the reorganization tree and End User access to the Reorganization Ribbon can be turned off by Farm Administrators.

Customers’ IT departments can spread the workload of their SharePoint 2010 and 2013 pre-migration (eg. Demote smaller Site Collections to Sites), post-migration and Continuous Improvement content reorganization to multiple Site Collection Owners, and (optionally) Site Owners and end users, who can reorganize this content directly from SharePoint with powerful Content Matrix SharePoint based tools

Improved performance and feature support

Performance of migrations to both on-premises and online SharePoint 2013 migrations has been improved. A number of additional features have been added including support for backward compatible SharePoint and SharePoint Designer workflows, the ability to flatten folders during migration from SharePoint source systems, and the ability to preview emails migrated to SharePoint 2013 from Exchange Public Folders or PST files

Customers can migrate content more quickly, and make migrated content easier to locate by flattening deep folder structures and applying metadata during migration


For details and product downloads, please click here to visit the Product Resources Page on the Metalogix website.


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