Metalogix Announces Content Matrix 6.0 to Upgrade, Migrate and Organize SharePoint Content

November 05, 2012 | Washington DC
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About Content Matrix

Metalogix Content Matrix is built to simplify an organization’s content experience. SharePoint architects and administrators can easily and quickly upgrade from any version of SharePoint to SharePoint 2013. They can also migrate file shares and documents from legacy enterprise content management (ECM) systems and keep SharePoint content organized in a high fidelity and ongoing basis. Further, content owners have more control over content directly from the SharePoint user interface.

About Selective Restore Manager for SharePoint

Metalogix Selective Restore Manager is a simple, cost-effective solution that allows you to rapidly search, find and granularly restore from the item level to the site collection level and everything in between. You can restore content from native SQL Server backups quickly without a lengthy SharePoint recovery farm setup. Selective Restore Manager allows you to avoid costly proprietary SharePoint backup products and be prepared to restore your lost or deleted content using a simple, intuitive user interface.


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