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March 07, 2013 | Washington DC

Metalogix is proud to announce the 4.1 release of the StoragePoint.  We recommend that existing customers download and install the latest release level to take advantage of new product features as well as the preventative maintenance it contains. 

This release improves the use and performance of enterprise content by:

  • Introducing support for managing files larger than 2GB
  • Expanded Analyze and Estimate Reports for bulk operations
  • Enabling EBS to RBS upgrades for Web App and Content Database Scoped Profiles

Release Highlights


Why is it Important to Customers

Extremely Large File Support


In SharePoint 2010 and newer, we have introduced a feature on General Settings that allows a custom upload interface that will circumvent SharePoint and Web App upload size limitations (the ability to upload files larger than 2GB).

Enables customers to upload files larger than 2GB and manage those files within SharePoint with support for SharePoint permissions and metadata versioning.  Customers with large engineering files, rich media, and software builds can now manage those files in SharePoint. 

Analyze and Estimate Reports


In addition the Bulk Externalization, three profile timer jobs can now generate a report of expected results, before removing, recalling, or migrating any BLOBs. Unused BLOB Cleanup, Bulk Recall, and Bulk Migration now have an Analyze and Estimate option to show how many BLOBs or how much space is affected.

Additional Analyze and Estimate Reports allow customers to view expected results before executing a bulk operation within StoragePoint including bulk externalize, unused BLOB cleanup, bulk recall and bulk migration. 

EBS and RBS Upgrade for Web App and Content Database Scoped Profiles


Content Database scoped, and now Web App profiles can be upgraded to RBS in SharePoint 2010

Customers now have a seamless upgrade approach when moving from EBS to RBS.  The change from EBS to RBS is required when upgrading to SharePoint 2013 (EBS support is deprecated in SharePoint 2010 and removed in SharePoint 2013). 


For details and product downloads, please click here to visit the Product Resources Page on the Metalogix website.


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