Metalogix Diagnostic Manager 4.0 Delivers Real-Time Performance and Availability Monitoring For SharePoint

February 26, 2014 | Washington DC

Diagnostic Manager 4.0 Enables SharePoint Administrators to Proactively Identify, Diagnose and Repair SharePoint Performance and Availability Issues

Washington, DC – February 26, 2014 – Today, Metalogix announced the release of Diagnostic Manager 4.0, the premiere product for monitoring and improving SharePoint performance and availability. Metalogix Diagnostic Manager 4.0 is a powerful addition to Metalogix best of breed suite of SharePoint tools that offer a better way for IT administrators to improve the availability, reduce the risks, and lower the costs of content and collaboration platforms on-premises and in the cloud. Delivering full-system performance information from a single console, Metalogix Diagnostic Manager 4.0 enables SharePoint administrators to proactively identify and diagnose SharePoint performance and availability issues so they can repair systems in real-time before they affect end users.
In today’s always on, highly collaborative business environment SharePoint content is growing at an exponential rate and SharePoint deployments are increasingly mission-critical and more complex, necessitating top network performance and 100 percent availability of essential content for end users. With Metalogix Diagnostic Manager 4.0, knowledge workers and IT administrators can proactively initiate intelligent SharePoint performance monitoring across multiple farms, faster and cheaper than legacy or generic monitors. Metalogix Diagnostic Manager 4.0’s enhanced visual-based monitoring capabilities provide immediate insight from a single console into server and content performance, delivering alerts and gathering granular, server-side performance data that informs system optimization and proactive management of potential threats to system availability.
“Metalogix Diagnostic Manager 4.0 empowers knowledge workers and system administrators to improve the availability and user experience of SharePoint deployments, head off system problems before they occur and improve the deployment and performance of mission-critical content in SharePoint,” said Steven Murphy, CEO, Metalogix. “This innovative SharePoint performance management tool has been enthusiastically reviewed by our customers because it gives them unprecedented visibility into the performance of their SharePoint farms. Diagnostic Manager 4.0 has been integrated into Metalogix best of breed suite of tools that further extends value for our customers and delivers a better way to improve the availability, reduce the risks, and lower the costs of Microsoft SharePoint platforms both on-premises and in the cloud.”
Private and public sector organizations look to Metalogix Diagnostic Manager 4.0 as the go-to SharePoint performance monitoring product that enables IT administrators to constantly assess and optimize their entire SharePoint infrastructure and deliver a user experience that supports organizational productivity. The newly-launched product includes a 60-day full feature trial that includes Metalogix LIVE 24X7 customer support and allows end users to evaluate the product while experiencing continuous real time monitoring of the health of their SharePoint environments. A link to the 60-day full feature trial can be found at
Metalogix will host a webinar titled, “10 Steps to Optimize SharePoint,” on March 11 and March 13. The webinar will cover:
  • Identifying the most common problem areas affecting SharePoint performance
  • Proactively discovering and diagnosing SharePoint performance and availability
  • Identifying where your SharePoint servers are not performing well
  • Monitoring critical areas of your SharePoint servers including CPU
  • Setting performance thresholds
About Metalogix
Metalogix is the leader in management tools for Microsoft content and collaboration platforms, including SharePoint, Exchange, and Office 365. Metalogix tools provide a better way to monitor, migrate, store, synchronize, archive, govern and backup content. 14,000 customers on 7 continents rely on Metalogix best of breed suite of tools and 24x7 LIVE support to improve availability, reduce risks, and lower costs of their mission-critical Microsoft platforms.

Metalogix is a Microsoft Gold Partner, Microsoft Public Sector managed partner and certified GSA provider. Headquartered in Washington, DC, Metalogix is backed by Insight Venture Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners.

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