Metalogix Increases Archiving User Productivity And Collaboration With Release Of Archive Manager 5.0 For Exchange, Files And SharePoint

August 02, 2011 | Washington DC
Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint – File Share Edition Build (Beta) Available. This build is the first publicly available build of Migration Manager for SharePoint – File Share Edition on the new V5 framework.
  • Application crashes when loading an items view that has a filter which filters out all items (ITM-09011): We resolved an issue that caused the application to crash in certain cases where all items had been filtered out of the Items View. (BugFix) src=../../images/BugFix.gif
  • Add ability to apply metadata to folders (ITM-08644): We have added the ability to attribute custom metadata with folders on the filesystem, and map this metadata when pasting as folders within a SharePoint document library. (Feature)
  • Multi-line option in Find and Replace is ignored (ITM-08064): The option to run Multi-line Regular Expressions in Find and Replace was being ignored. This option is now detected properly. (BugFix)
  • Import CSV action should not create new columns before the Preview Dialog has appeared (ITM-08942): The application was incorrectly creating new columns before the import preview had been displayed and the user had an opportunity to cancel. This has been fixed. (BugFix)

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