Metalogix Introduces Powerful New Email Migration Solution for Legacy Email Archives and Live Mail

June 04, 2013 | Washington DC

Metalogix is proud to announce the 5.3 release of Archive Manager.  We strongly encourage existing customers to download and install this release of Archive Manager to take advantage of new product features and maintenance issues addressed in this release. 

This release enhances Archive Manager by:

  • Adding support for Windows Server 2012 including support of some new features Windows Server 2012 has
  • Adding support for Outlook 2013 including Outlook add-in matching new Office 2013 look and feel
  • Adding support for Office 365 journal archiving
  • Enhancing ArchiveWeb interface search history and templates handling
  • Adding three new supported languages – Czech, Romanian and Turkish
  • Updating NetApp API to the most recent version

Release Highlights

Unless noted otherwise, the following apply to all editions of the Archive Manager:


Why is it Important to Customers

Support for Windows Server 2012


The Archive Manager server components can be installed on Windows Server 2012 and benefit from its new features such as deduplication.

Archive Manager’s HSM storage can reside on a deduplicated volume providing additional storage savings on top of built-in Single Instance Storage.

Support for Windows Server 2012


Archive Manager Files Edition can archive files from Windows Server 2012 hosted NFTS volumes.

Customers adopting the Windows Server 2012 can now benefit from all features provided by Archive Manager, including offloading files out of the file system ensuring the backup fits backup window and tight recovery time objective is met, or cross-server and cross-platform Single Instance Storage.

Support for Outlook 2013


Archive Manager Exchange Edition Outlook Add-in now fully supports Outlook 2013 on both 32bit and 64bit operating systems. The add-in also introduces in-line advanced search functionality and supports additional languages.

Customers are adopting new Office 2013 product quite quickly and now they can use Outlook 2013 together with the Archive Manager. In addition users using advanced search may now use in-line parameters to reduce number of steps required when searching i.e. mails sent from a specific sender. Users in Czech republic, Romania and Turkey can use Outlook add-in in their mother language.

Support for Office 365

Archive Manager Exchange can now archive emails from Office 365 using journaling.

Customers who are willing to archive emails from Office 365 can use journaling feature to transport emails to either on-premise or hosted Archive Manager infrastructure.

Enhanced ArchiveWeb


ArchiveWeb can automatically detect browser’s language setting and display logon page in this language if available. The search functionality of the ArchiveWeb has been enhanced by the ability of renaming search templates and deleting search history. Similar to Outlook add-in, ArchiveWeb supports additional languages.

Customers have requested manual language settings on ArchiveWeb’s logon page and we went beyond this request. The logon page now automatically detects browser’s language settings and tries to display the page in the same language. If the language is not available the English page is displayed. User can also manually select desired language. Users performing frequent searches asked for the ability of deleting a search history and renaming search templates and we have listened. ArchiveWeb now provides both functionalities. Similar to Outlook add-in, users in Czech republic, Romania and Turkey can use ArchiveWeb in their mother language.


For details and product downloads, please click here to visit the Product Resources Page on the Metalogix website.


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