Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint - Documentum Edition Build (Beta) Published

March 09, 2012 | Washington DC

Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint and Metalogix Selective Restore Manager for SharePoint Build (Release) Published. This build fixes a few issues. There some fixes in this build which should improve the memory usage but we cannot tell if all memory issues are resolved currently.

List of Completed Work Items Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint:

  • Error adding attachments : Access is denied (HRESULT : 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED)) while preserving Item ID in list migration (ITM-10183): (BugFix) src=../../images/BugFix.gif
  • SPWeb.NoCrawl properties set to True after migration (ITM-11863): Fixed an issue with migrating the SPWeb.NoCrawl property. (BugFix)
  • v. – Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint - Missing Slide library 2100 list template type in enumeration(ITM-12303): Slide library added into list template type enumeration. (BugFix)
  • Published Nintex Workflows not appearing in Workflow Gallery after migration(ITM-12312): Migrated Nintex workflows appear in the Workflow gallery as expected. (BugFix)
  • Libraries with "Keep draft versions" set fail to migrate from DB and NWS sources (ITM-12364): Correct list of list item versions from library with keep drafts limitation on SP 2010 is shown for NWS and OM/MLWS adapters (BugFix)
  • List Column with 33-char internal name was overwritten by another list column with 32-char internal name during migration (ITM-12365): Resolved the issue caused because column names had first 32 characters same. (BugFix)
  • Implement Transformation Task for web part migration (ITM-12369): Right now, it is possible to perform web part zone mapping. You need to define Task Collection XML in PowerShell script. Sample script is attached to this work item. It is not possible to perform mapping on GUI. (Feature)
  • Workflows do not get copied on a Paste All Site Content Job - neither workflow associations nor instances (ITM-12406): Workflows are migrated during Paste All Site Content action. (BugFix)
  • When copying list if there are custom list columns defined and also site columns defined on target with same name the target site column is applied(ITM-12465): List columns will be added correctly. The use of site columns on the target now will also undergo a type check to ensure safety of adding columns. (BugFix)
  • Document template setting of Document Library not preserved when changed from default "" and NOT a Word template (template.doc) (ITM-12466): Document Library templates whose file path contains special characters will be migrated. (BugFix)
  • Error pasting site collection to SP2010 Foundation - "The default data on a team site could not be cleared" (ITM-12527): Clearing of default data should now work with or without the publishing feature. (BugFix)
  • ClientOM detection is not working correctly from PowerShell (ITM-12529): ClientOM detection is correct when code is running from PowerShell (BugFix)
  • Copying Web Parts from MOSS (or WSS3) to SPF2010 - web parts are always copied to the default.aspx page even when the Wiki Home Page feature is activated (ITM-12537): Welcome page detection should now succeed even when publishing is not enabled. (BugFix)
  • Merge WI 12269 Workflow Configuration specific change only to Main and Prod Branches (ITM-12543): Increased support for workflow activities.(Feature)
  • Migrating Meeting Workspaces errors out if the Organizer of an instance within the Workspace has been deleted from the source site collection (ITM-12559) (BugFix)
  • Nintex workflow instances fail to migrate (across different cultures) with a datetime conversion error. (ITM-12564) (BugFix)
  • Nintex External Connections - when restoring instance data, string to XML fails with corrupt XML. (ITM-12565): Improved Nintex migration using External Connections support. (BugFix)
  • Taxonomy Termset.Owner to undergo mapping that is applied to Owner of Terms (ITM-12583): Termset Owner will now also undergo user Global Mapping.(BugFix)
  • Publishing Portal Site Collection is not copied from SP2007 to SP2010 (ITM-12585): Fixed an issue where if a dependency was removed ahead of a feature, we'd try to remove the other feature as well, even though SharePoint would have removed it automatically already.(BugFix)
  • Site Comparison does not release memory (ITM-12588): Site comparisons should now release objects that have been compared correctly, avoiding the previously unreasonable memory footprint for this action. (BugFix)

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