Metalogix Migration Manager For SharePoint Enables Customers To Capitalize On Collaboration Of SharePoint Server 2010

July 26, 2011 | Washington DC

Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint - eRoom Edition Build (Build) Available. This build is the first V5 build of Migration Manager for SharePoint – eRoom Edition to be made publicly available.

  • Ability to multi-select (ITM-08070): We have added the ability to multi-select items to copy and paste. It is now possible to copy many objects in a single action and past them to multiple targets. (Feature) src=../../images/Feature.gif
  • Ability to map multiple source eRoom users to the same target SharePoint user (ITM-08067): There can now be multiple eRoom users mapped to a single SharePoint user. (BugFix)
  • Paste eRoom Container as Site Collection (ITM-08064): We have added the ability to paste eRoom containers (such as Facilities and Rooms) as new Site Collections. (Feature)
  • Migrate version comments from eRoom (ITM-08152): Version Comments are now migrated to SharePoint when documents are copied. (Feature)
  • Support for connecting to eRoom and SharePoint through a proxy (ITM-07155): We have added support for connecting to servers through a proxy. (Feature)
  • Improve logging during migrations (ITM-08240): Our logging messages have been extended to include warnings when files are renamed and user information is changed. (BugFix)
  • Database Column mappings not displaying properly (ITM-08068): An issue has been addressed that prevented certain Database column mappings from displaying properly in some circumstances. (BugFix)
  • Ability to map custom eRoom fields to SharePoint columns (ITM-08066): We have added the ability to map custom eRoom fields to SharePoint columns during document migration. (Feature)
  • Improved Link Correction (ITM-08764): We have significantly extended our link correction functionality to properly support all migrated item types. (Feature)
  • Import user mappings from XML action (ITM-08980): We have added a new feature that allows user mappings to be imported from an XML file. This resolves some issues for customer with many user accounts. (Feature)
  • Documents not properly migrated when duplicate names existed with different casing (ITM-09017): We addressed an issue that prevented the migration of multiple documents with the same name but different casing. We have no made out duplicate name check case-insensitive. (BugFix)
  • Ability to migrate items in eRoom Inbox (ITM-09031): We have added the ability to migrate all supported eRoom item types in the eRoom inbox. Previously, we only supported migrating Mail items within the inbox. (BugFix)
  • Ability to paste eRoom links into a Document Library (ITM-09039): We have added the ability to paste an eRoom Link directly to a SharePoint document library as a list item with the content type "Link to a Document." (Feature)
  • Correct Links action missing on SharePoint Link Libraries (ITM-11836): We resolved a bug that prevented "Correct Links" from being displayed as an option on Link Libraries. (BugFix)
  • Link Dictionary operations in the Settings menu (ITM-11868): Link dictionary actions (such as clearing) can now be accessed from the Settings menu. (BugFix)

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