Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint - Various Editions Build (Release) Published

April 10, 2012 | Washington DC

Wednesday's Metalogix Replicator for SharePoint release, available in 64-bit and 32-bit editions, is a hotfix release. We recommend that anyone using any 5.0 release upgrade to this release by running the new installer. Anyone using a Replicator 4.0 product can decide if they should upgrade based on the changes in 5.0 to date.

Details for this release and any earlier ones are also included on the download page.

New Features

•Added support for WSS3 hot fix (TFS-13773)

Bugs Fixed

•Fixed issue with activating Syntergy license keys. (TFS-13618)

•Fixed issue with Configuration Pre-requisite checks on non-English versions of Windows. (TFS-13565)

•Corrected issue when replicating web sites with URLs longer than 128 characters. (TFS-13857)

•Corrected issue with RepAdm QueueMap command when queuing events for a particular list using ListTitle parameter. (TFS-13634)

•Corrected issue where custom site definitions were not always being used when replicating a new web site. (TFS-13697)

•Corrected issues with Wiki Pages replicating during a full queue. (TFS-13560)

Known Issues

•Upgrading from 5.0.5864 can display benign "Error 1001". (TFS-13599) You can safely ignore this message. (BugFix)


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